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Emirates gives a hand to troubled A380 program with 20 new orders including an option for 16 more

Emirates wants more Airbus A380. Emirates orders 20 Superjumbos and secures an option for 16 more. Thus the long-discussed A380 program is saved for the time being. ( More...

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wylann 5
Good for Airbus I guess? I wouldn't want to be in the position that a single customer is basically determining the fate of a whole production line, though.
Dont worry Boing will get some help too. A new record from Airbus: 1109 orders and 718 deliveries in 2017
I wonder if they'll continue to use the GP7200 engines or get some Rolls Royce Trent?
John Wild 2
In terms of favorite airplane, I've always favored the 757 - a very elegant looking A/C, with single aisle, glass cockpit and modern for its age - the USAF has several with the Vice President using one as I write this today. And, who can argue with the President, who before being forced to fly that giant gas guzzler, had his own Trump 757.
toolguy105 2
The 757 is a nice plane but the 707 was the Dawn of the Jet age. My friends and I would climb up on the roof of one garages in the early evening and watch as they flew over our development lined up to land at what is now JFK. In those days the airlines markings were on the bottom of the wing and we would to try to guess where the plane was coming from. Pan Am, TWA, United, and a bunch of other carriers we never heard of from overseas. One buy one almost directly over head they would turn for Idlewild airport from 4 in the afternoon until about eight it was almost a constant mix of 707's, DC8's' Connie's, Electra's and a mix of Reciprocal engine planes. When the wind was right which was most nights it was a plane buff delight.
toolguy105 2
Emirates gives in to Airbus was not what I expected. Airbus wanted at the very least an A380neo which airbus refused to do. Considering the new Boeing 797X will carry almost as many passengers as the A380 and be more airport friendly allowing for more route flexibility. I did not expect Emirates to give in to Airbus I truly expected them toi get the concessions they wanted. Airbus must have made one heck of a price reduction.
I thought the 797 was going to be a replacement for the 757, no?
toolguy105 2
Not at 450 plus passengers and being a twin aisle. Boeing is looking at an entirely new plane and in discussions with airlines as to what they would like to see. Right now it will be a single aisle with a somewhat reconfigured 787 interior and the composite 787 wing, It will probably look something like a stretched 737 which means it will look somewhat like the 757.
toolguy105 1
My bad you are correct I was thinking of the 777X
Colin Seftel 2
the B797 as announced in June 2017 will seat 220 and 270. See
Don Whyte 2
You said "Airbus wanted at the very least an A380neo". Did you mean Emirates?
toolguy105 2
Yes that is what I meant. Sorry I should read what my fingers type.
paul gilpin 1
per the wiki page of the a380, the published price of a vehicle is $439.5 million US. given the overall cost of the contract to be $16 billion US for 36 vehicles, that equates to roughly $444 million US.

the main issue i have with the published data on the a380 vehicle in general is the overall program cost. the same wiki page shows the program cost of €25 billion euros. given present day conversions that is approx. $30 billion US. i have heard that the overall number is upwards of $35 billion US, but i have no links for that. i have also heard it said that to develop a new aircraft, clean sheet, that it costs 10x the selling price of the vehicle to get certification type and license to build. given the published selling price and overall program cost, that number is more like 68x for the a380 vehicle. something just isn't right about the published data trends.

gov't works project.
toolguy105 0
The published price and the price they report in this article are the same as the contracted price is never released. I assure you Airbus will be lucky to recoup their costs on this sale. It has been reported that they lose money on every A380 they deliver. Given many different way manufacturers account for costs and how they write different things off it is impossible to say what they actually lose on each plane. It was also reported that Airbus was distributing these loses across other lines in order to keep the A380 line open. If true it is also the reason they will not see a profit from the current sales and back order of their A350 sales.

Any airline that might have interest in the A380 will demand a steep discount even for one or two planed fully knowledgeable that Emirates is receiving steep discounts to take the planes. While the A380 has been somewhat profitable for some of the few airlines flying them. Even with low gas prices it is the Humvee of the airlines with four gas hogging engines.
Ralf Kerner 4
Man merkt das du von Marketing nicht die leiseste Ahnung hast.
I thought they would wait for the 777X.
shrudini -1
Best Aircraft On Earth!
I guess that's why Singapore already parked their first one and why the order book is overflowing.... just saying!
wylann 0
That's a bold claim, and highly disputable. There's probably no single best airplane, but it would be hard to find a classification in which the A380 IS the best. (It's not a bad plane, but really, you're comment isn't much help, and doesn't add anything.)
toolguy105 2
If I had to pick the best plane ever build I would have to go with the Boeing 707. That was one sweet ride and a beautiful airplane.
zx zczc 2
And I would the 747. Guess its all a matter of personal perception...
Jeffrey Bue 2
Me too


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