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By 2037, 30% of the regional air traffic to be served on the routes that currently do not exist

Toulouse - The opening of new flight paths should provide an increasing demand for turboprop aircraft over the next twenty years. Turboprop passenger plane manufacturer ATR predicts that 3,020 of these regional airplanes will enter to the market by 2037. ( More...

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Jay Edmiston 2
To think I just read a business article announcing the end of turboprops forever.
japanjeff 1
... but pilot shortage? ;)
Lois Lettini 1
I liked flying Turbo Props!
tcavin 1
no thanks on the turbo props
I can remember those short-field landings in the Dash 6s and 8s. Touch down @ 70k, quick reverse of the fans,full stop in 800 '. Now that was exciting ! Yea Turboprops !!
Or firing up a BAe ATP (Advanced Turbo Prop), flicking the props into reverse and backing away from the terminal. A useful party piece if you couldn't find a tug.

*under supervision/direction of course, before anyone bleats about health & safety*
patrick baker 0
i would like to see both Jet Blue and Southwest airlines get into the second and third level markets with right sized aircraft, for both know how to run an airline . Spirit Airlines is making noises about doing just that thing, and i await the verdict on what right-sized jetliner or turbo-prop would work for each company's model.Spirt is clueless on customer comfort, focusing entirely on cost, low cost, with add-ons to boost revenue.
paul trubits -2
The article was about countries outside of the USA. This will kill the trains in Europe.
Paul; I would argue that it would enhance choice. I love flying, but on a three-hour journey give me a train every time; I can get up and stroll around, I can "turn up and take off" and I don't have ball-aching security delays once I have fought my way into the airport. The 18-coach Eurostar trains through the Channel Tunnel are a joy to travel on.

(I am of course referring to train travel in Britain and the European Union. Our train trips in Canada last year went well and I notice that even California is building a high-speed rail line for 2023.)
Only problem for the train in California is that it goes from nowhere to nowhere.
John Kliewer 6
Until it goes into service. Then both the point of departure and the destination will become something other than nowhere.
Ray Fencl -3
Not in our lifetime.
John Kliewer 7
Speak for yourself. I’m only 69 with a 1st class medical.


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