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United Airlines New Livery Leaked

As the world waits for the big reveal of United Airlines’ new livery and branding, their designer seems to feel the time is right to unveil it now. Simple Flying have uncovered a great big leak in the system and are sharing the potential designs for United Airlines new livery right here with you today. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Roger Anderson 4
More Simple Flying Fake news. United had debunked this Amateur myth.
Roger Anderson 1
Ken Hurne 5
Very nice, I'd pick the first concept with the more sweeping look.
Kobe Hunte 0
yes either design 1 or design 4 in my preference.
Kennon Riley 4
These are all ugly
jeff slack 1
Factual and to the point.................and how about that UNITED badge on the side...........?.......what there are not at least a 1000 other type style you can choose from?
Shenghao Han 2
Is that me but the United liveries looked a bit too similar Lufthansa's new livery?
SmokedChops 2
indeed. Same design company, perhaps? (I had not seen the new DLH livery)
LW P 2
I don't know about the purple accent, but #1 is the best.
if these are indeed the "prototype" designs of a "new" livery for united,i prefer number one as its a bit more "sleek"...I loved the old continental "proud bird with the golden tail", and I hated to see it go when united initially took over the least they are attempting to keep some memories alive by using a partial "globe"in the design..times change and airlines merge..this is a bit less drastic than what u s airways did to the old aa logo and livery...
Kobe Hunte 1
Now that when I think of it, it looks a little too similar to Lufthansa's livery.
Maybe copyright??
LethalThreat 1
Just keep the current one, it looks the best and most professional out of all of these new concepts.
Scott Campbell 1
Purple should be tinted down to the shade of it on design two bottom of fuselage -
with number 1 as the winner - but that's me, purple is the 80's and barney
pjshield 1
As expected, the new United livery is much more identifiable as Continental than United.
Continental is the 'surviving carrier' and using a purchased name. And the service shows!
Kobe Hunte 0
That livery looks AWESOME!!!
Chris Bryant 0
Design 1 is my vote. 4 is OK, and the other 2 just don't cut it at all, IMHO.


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