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‘Skewed and Inaccurate’: Boeing Strikes Back At New York Times for 787 Report

Earlier this week, Boeing released a statement to its employees in response to a New York Times article addressing safety concerns at the company’s 787 Dreamliner plant in South Carolina. The article published on Saturday shed light on complaints made by current and former employees of the North Charleston manufacturing facility concerning “defective manufacturing, debris left on planes, and pressure to not report violations.” Some claimed the company was creating a culture that “valued… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Jim Goldfuss 2
Boeing is in the spotlight now, so every possible thing that can come up against them will - whether it is factual or not. It is incumbent upon Boeing to start a communications strategy that addresses the impact the 2 crashes had on their reputation. They need to go above and beyond to assure their workers, the media, and the population at large that they are still a leader in aerospace, take safety and safety concerns seriously, and understand the impact shortsighted decisions have. Unfortunately, the impression is that their response is defensive and dismissive, as if they have done nothing wrong, and because of all of this, a plane that had no issues at all is now better. It may not be so much about the plane but rather how Boeing chose to handle it - and that began the moment someone said "let's put a control program on this plane and not tell anyone" - and the rest in the room said "good idea".

Trust is long to build and quick to lose.
Mike Elrod 1
Ask about the SC union fails. This may give them what multiple elections could not.
btweston 1
So the company is telling its employees that what they say they saw didn’t really happen. Looks like somebody’s angling for Sarah Huckabee-Sanders’ job.
Tom Bruce 1
oh come on.... aviation not politics
Eric Schmaltz 1
As I type this Boeing has 3,867 aircraft in the air. But what the hell, lets beat up on Boeing. Ridiculous.
Jim Goldfuss 1
It may not be so much about the aircraft but how Boeing chose to communicate and handle the situation. Boeing is in the spotlight now - and that is of their own making. Until they start communicating in a fashion that communicates trust, safety, and respect this period of negative viewpoints may go on for some time.
737man 1
I seen reports on YouTube about the CHS facility, they are very divided from their West Coast counter parts...
Tom Bruce 1
seems the air force finding metal shavings on KC46s out of Seattle area?

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The fact that the satellite had been operational for three years is probably relevant, but what fun is that.

Oh, wait, how about this. The space junk that plowed into the propellant tank was probably made by Boeing!

Oh, wait, sorry, let me try again... I'll get the hang of this eventually. The space junk that plowed into the propellant tank was totally for sure made by Boeing! Booooo! Hisssss!

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What three recent satellites?


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