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Boeing's troubled 787 sees South Carolina VP leave

The executive in charge of Boeing’s troubled 787 Dreamliner factory in North Charleston, S.C., is leaving the company, according to an internal company memo reviewed by The New York Times on Wednesday. ( Daha Fazlası...

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indy2001 12
Could you at least get the headline right? The actual NYT headline is "A Top Executive at Boeing’s Troubled South Carolina PLANT Is Out" (my caps). The current Squawk headline indicates a story about the aircraft's 'troubles' when in fact the topic is the factory where it is manufactured.

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sharon bias 8
You guys do realize that Pres Trump will be gone within 1.5 or 4.5 years. Then he'll be just another former President. The 44 presidents before Trump didn't managed to destroy civilization, Trump won't destroy it, and those that follow him won't.
btweston -1
This guy is really going for it, though.
btweston 5
You are a silly child. Don’t get mad at me... Your parents raised you.
sharon bias 8
It's significant that the FAA was able to find and agree with most of the findings in the newspaper article. That probably quickened the departure of Mr. Carbon. Now if they'd clean house in Seattle, the company would be in much better shape to deal with what's coming.
wingbolt 3
The interesting part is that if the FAA was able to find and agree with the findings they will increase their visits to “every other week”. It’s obvious that the FAA’s oversight of Boeing is almost non existent and Boeing knows it. The inspector must be spending his other 18 days a month reading MAD magazine. I have always been a fan of Boeing but it’s fading fast. If only 50% of the negative information coming out lately is correct it’s bad enough to make me reconsider. Now as far as my options...only thing I can really do is up my life insurance. I can’t conceive any possible way to travel on the airlines and avoid a certain manufacture or a certain type of aircraft.
USA752 3
Boeing management needs to undergo a major culture change, in all fairness they are not the only company in the US that needs that to happen. And to go with what you already stated, cleaning house is a good first step. This is a good example of a company cost cutting to increase profits to please shareholders and increase stock prices.
sharon bias 3
A Charleston newspaper headline reads: Boeing’s VP of 787 operations in North Charleston is leaving The article was written by a Post and Courier employee. No connection to the NYT. Subject matter appears to be the same between the Post and NYT articles.
Kobe Hunte 3
oh oh.
john gilzinger 1
go figure!


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