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When a Southwest Airlines Flight Was Delayed, Passengers Got Increasingly Frustrated. Then the Gate Agent Did Something Remarkable

Last week, a Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando to Washington, D.C., was delayed. Passengers sat at the gate for an hour. Then two. Naturally, they grew frustrated. But then a gate agent stepped in and started playing games with the waiting passengers. One game? A contest for the worst driver's license picture. Other games included a paper airplane contest. ( Daha Fazlası...

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jmarler 1
When you lookup "puff piece" in the dictionary of journalism, you get a link to this article. The only way this could be more blatantly a ghost-written article from Southwest would be if they quoted the "company core values" from the employee handbook. I can't tell if this guy is trying hard to promote his book, promote Southwest, or both.
James Simms 1
SWA & CFA get it. Treat the customer reasonably well w/a superior product & they’ll come back to you time after time.
Take note Dougie at AA, when you take care of your employees they take care of your customers. Gate agents have one of the toughest jobs. When I see them getting wooded on for something not of their doing I intercede. Why dump on someone who actually holds your destiny in their hands?
WhiteKnight77 2
This is one of the things that sets SWA above other airlines. While you may get to hear about a feel good story from other airlines on a once a year basis, SWA shows its humor quite often and how well they handle things on a personal level. The gate agent handled things really well.
lynx318 3
Some airlines still believe in situational customer relations.
wow .. what an idea
Chuck Lavazzi 6
Our experience with Southwest's gate agents have always been very positive; also with their call center. Other major carriers could learn from that.
Sgtpanda 1
Saved you the clickbait click, it's all about this tweet:
Paul Thomas 9
When a Southwest Airlines Flight Was Delayed, Passengers Got Increasingly Frustrated. Then Did Something Remarkable. They Turned The Headline Into Clickbait. You Won't Believe #3!

What would have been wrong with "Gate Agent Amuses Delayed And Frustrated Passengers With Game" ?

Besides, shouldn't the game have been "Worst Facial Biometrics" ?
wingbolt 3
#4 will make you cry!
I could not pull up the article for some reason,but gate agents are not given enough credit for customer service skills..people are very quick to criticize when it is a issue over which an agent has no control, and must make continual announcements regarding how how much longer,and please stay in the gate lobby,and the airport is closed to arrivals and departures now because of the weather..the list is endless..the worst announcement I had to make was on 9/11 to an anxious crowd of people to tell them due to an "emergency situation"(no details)the airport was closed until further notice..people in the lobby could see on the tv in the bar that there was an unprecedented emergency,and only a few came over to ask if I had further information..far from playing games with those wating!in any case,kudos to the wn sure the diversion from a delay was appreciated by all..
Isaac Vogelzang -1
I took this exact flight, and was also delayed by two hours. Unfortunately for me, there were no fun games :(
rdlink 2
And yet you still got to your destination safe and sound.
Richard Orgill 2
Good job.


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