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United Airlines Passengers Can Travel Now And Pay Later

United Airlines is going to be allowing passengers to travel right now and pay for it later, under a new partnership announced today with Californian firm Uplift. Passengers booking flights from the US to United’s many global destinations will now be offered the option to pay for their tickets monthly through the Uplift credit system. The partnership between United Airlines and Uplift has been announced today, and promises to let passengers travel right away on flights with payments spread over… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Edward Bardes 3
I see no way this could possibly go wrong for United. No, siree.
paul trubits 1
I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a flight to Singapore today.

isn't this just another form of a "credit card" type payment?when you purchase a tv or a piece of furniture,you don't usually "pay upfront" get the item/items when ordered,they are delivered and a month later you receive a bill showing installment payments for the item, or you can pay the entire amount..not a new concept,except to airlines i guess..
Yes, it's exactly like using a credit card; and United doesn't have to worry about non-payers, they get paid upfront by Uplift, then it's Uplift's problem if the pax don't pay.
Rob Harrison -3
What Harvard MBA came up with this idiotic idea? Think student loans. Next, dem presidential candidates will be arguing that these loans should be paid back by us taxpayers.
Ehh, as opposed to GOP presidential candidates who will be arguing that these loans should be paid back by russian taxpayers??


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