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T-38s collide at Vance AFB

OKC TV Helicopter pilot shares his thoughts on collision while landing. ( Daha Fazlası...

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bentwing60 26
RIP to the IP & trainee.

That short sentence always seems incomplete, yet encompasses the emotions felt by many who have lost someone dear and can relate. I have, and I do.

I will never accept that old 'bromide', "they perished doing what they love to do". On the face of it the statement is factual. The reality is, they signed up and accepted the risks associated with serving in the U.S. military to defend and preserve a nation and way of life that so many these days seem so willing to destroy! To include the DC crowd whose offspring never serve and who routinely malign the service member in indirect ways, and routinely directly undercut the procurement of tools needed when they send them off to war. These days, seemingly an incessant one.

At Thanksgiving, I'll set an honored and unused plate. As will others.
30west 5
Very well said, Bentwing!! BZ
Richard Parker 3
More than the offspring have never served! I won't mention any names.
Matt West 4
It is always a heartbreak when this happens. I was stationed at Sheppard AFB (SPS) when a T-38 crashed on approach right across from the building in which I worked. My friend was one of the EMS techs that responded and it stayed with him forever as the IP passed on the way to the hospital.

It doesn't matter whether someone dies "on the field" or in training. It is always a heartache to fellow service members, and we think of them often...not just on Memorial or Veterans day.

To bentwing60 - I could not say it better than you.
I agree, very well aid my friend. DOL.
Jim DeTour 4
The upside down plane had flaps down so they were landing together or practicing so with passes. Getting in the wash of the leading aircraft is hazardous configured for landing at low speeds. I'd figured one or both drifted and seeing both ended off runway it figures a collision was part of the mishap. Heavy equipment and training always has hazards.
ADXbear 2


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