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Video: Fuel truck hits two parked Bombardier CRJ900 jets at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Dallas, Texas - A fuel truck collided with two American Eagle CRJ900 jets on Nov. 25 at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The truck hit two parked Bombardier CRJ-900s registered N945LR and N915FJ. No passengers or crew members were seriously injured. Paramedics evacuated a flight attendant aboard one of the planes. The incident happened at 8:42 a.m. as both aircraft prepared for departure from Terminal B. American had to cancel flights to Shreveport and Lubbock that were to be served by… ( More...

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sparkie624 8
The one with the Winglet damage only requires a new Winglet... that is a 3 or 4 hour job.... The other one is going to require a Wing Tip.... that one is going to take a few days... Over all not too bad. I think the fuel truck got the worst of it... It looks pretty much totaled. Amazing how strong those planes are.
the winglet took part of the wing with it. Both a/c will require more than a few days in the hanger
alex hidveghy 3
That would be a HANGAR, tomasz, not a hanger hopefully. You wouldn’t be able to hang this plane but maybe the vehicle operator......
Dalton Allen 0
What about FWD entry door or FWD fuselage? I believe it has small damage too. In the security footage, you can see the second CRJ900 plunged onto the jetbridge as fuel truck hit the wing.
sparkie624 2
Where is the security Footage.... Did not see it in the article? Those Pack Doors are pretty strong, but if it really got damaged, they are really hard to repair.
Dalton Allen 3
It is in this link.
sparkie624 2
Looking at that footage, I think there is very little to no damage to the pax door... However I would be more concerned about the nose gear with the side thrust.... There could also be some fuselage sheet metal damage, but I doubt that would be too bad either.
Paul Cicci 1
Yes. The nose swung into the Jet way. You could see it rocking in the security video footage.
sharon bias 11
Two planes out of commission over Thanksgiving? Bet that's giving AA indigestion. The driver looks confused, as if he isn't sure what happened either. Since one wing took out part of the truck cab, I bet he's thankful he still has all of his body parts.
Kobe Hunte 4
Yeah when I saw the title "two parked Bombardier" I was wondering how in the world he hit TWO jets.
sparkie624 3
The one with the Winglet is probably back in service... that is not a bad job at all.
Not according to
sparkie624 0
Must have been hidden damage.... As a mechanic I have had to cut one off and have it ferried.. Use a Sawsall, a little tape and send it on...An over night RON and it is back in service.
Kyle Beller -9
Shreveport and Lubbock... American will somehow survive.
watkinssusan "tacky remarks" about Shreveport and Lubbock please..people in those cities need air transportation just as you do,and lbb by the way has a very large university,teas tech,and that is a very busy "small" airport!
Tanman3880 4
Was the driver trying to turn around in between planes? Perhaps they were trying to back up, hit the winglet and got spooked and floored it and hit the other plane. I would think the fueler would pull in straight between the planes and back straight out. Wonder if there is any security footage?
Dalton Allen 4
I found the security footage! Look at the second video in this link.
Tanman3880 5
Wow. So he came in behind the wing, hit the winglet and apparently just hit the gas (pun intended) and plowed into the wing of the other plane. That could have been a big'ole mess if any of that fuel ignited.
Kobe Hunte 3
big'ole mess is putting it mildly. I don't think the driver would have had much of himself left!
Chris B 5
Looks like he hit the accelerator not brake.

Thats a one way ticket home for that guy.
Kyle Beller 0
How do you pull that off though? My grandfather used to drive with left foot on the brake and right foot on accelerator. Small town rural stuff long time ago. Thats the only explanation I could think of that would cause him to punch the accelerator and not brake. But yet, this vehicle requires a class B CDL correct? no point in speculating although I guess I already did...
Chris B 2
What your grandpappy did isn't the problem or solution. Watch the actual live video of the incident (not the aftermath as shown in this video) as it was happening and you'll see he (?) accelerates
sharon bias 1
It was a fairly tight fit between the two planes, then that other piece of equipment drove up, and probably distracted him. Distracted driving comes in all shapes and sizes.
alex hidveghy 1
It’s called situational awareness and safety. Either you got it or you don’t!
sparkie624 1
I think it is safe to say that he didn't!
my goodness..the pictures show a lot of damage to one aircraft and also to the fuel truck..was it anew driver perhaps who didn't know how to control the truck? or maybe he was "slightly impaired" by something??in any case,wow...
Patrick Smith 4
Bet I know what the contents of the drivers' underpants were!
sparkie624 1
Maybe still is! :)
Mark Kanzler 2
Driver may have passed out and slumped forward.
I was in a vanpool van when that happened - it was a wild ride which ended when we broad sided a van parked in a nearby parking lot (at 50-60 mph). If a driver passes out and slumps forward, his foot presses on the pedal under it... in our case it was the accelerator pedal.
Kobe Hunte 1
Wow. Definitely not a situation I would like to be in.
Kyle Beller 2
If there were cleaning crew or anyone else walking about towards the rear of the plane they probably went for a ride. That plane really jerked
Dalton Allen 2
Look like he slammed the gas pedal instead of brake or put it in the drive mode instead of reverse.
James Simms 0
Wonder if he hit the gas by accident instead of the brakes?
Ken Hardy 2
Both aircraft will require x-ray inspection of the affected areas to look for any hidden damage at least they should before being put back in service, just good practice.
sparkie624 1
X-Ray... I would think a Good NDT would be acceptable... X-Ray is not used too much anymore.
paul gilpin 1
the driver's name was bond.
james bond
Kobe Hunte 1
Only two planes wouldn't of been hit.
ppcflyer777 1
Did you see how much the cab of the fuel truck got moved when it got caught on the first wing in the security footage? It looked like at almost ripped the cab off. Wonder if the truck controls were damaged at that point?
Doug Fehmel 1
More training for the driver involved. Do you need a CDL to operate one of these things?
D Moran 1
Now that's a strange way to give your notice to quit...!
TWA55 1
Sorry, excuses won't work. As for damage, without seeing the internal structure and possible damage elsewhere, estimating the damage from photos and time to fix is a conclusion I can't accept. Any contact with an acrft is serious regardless as to how it appears.
Dave Mathes 1
....maybe he just doesn't like Bombardiers.....
What is the story with that driver? He hit the first plane and kept on going!!
Mark Ebben 1
Any scuttlebutt on why? 9AM, great weather. How the hell does this happen?
sparkie624 1
Imparied?.... I hate to say it, but it is more common than we like to admit, or he could have not been paying attention.... Checking his paperwork... Cell Phone... Medical Condition... I know of one guy who had a Siezure, drove into a Dash 8 Prop getting ready to taxi... Luckily he fell over... The entire cab looked like slice bread... Literally. He did not get hurt (somehow)... The sudden stoppage twisted the engine mounts!
Paul Miller 1
That must have been caused by some sort of Truck Problem it's self ? as the guys that drive those vehicles every day are trained so well in avoiding just that type of incident.
matt jensen 4
Distracted driving
TWA55 1
Pilots are too, but when they cut corners bad things can happen.
alex hidveghy 1
Yes, as many other airport and ramp workers at an airport, you get initial and recurrent training. This includes both equipment operated as well as fuel/fire safety. And if the airport is certified under Part 139 and run by a public entity, the certificate holder would oversee that training and ensure compliance,
However, it is still the individual vendor company and individual’s responsibility to be careful and diligent at all times.
Mark Kortum 1
96 year-old woman did the same thing to my car in St. Pete, FL. She accelerated into me broadside. One would expect a fuel truck driver does not drive like a 96 year-old.
Bob Poberezny 0
Hire chimps to do human jobs, this is what happenz.
What happened with the two Citations in Texas?


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