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Virgin Orbit launches rocket from their modified Boeing 747

Virgin Orbit successfully launched several satellites into space with a rocket deployed from a modified 747 in flight. The rocket was released from the plane a little before 11:40 AM PST today. See ( More...

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jak360 3
Great news
Billy Meeks 3
God on you Virgin.
Je ne comprends pas l’anglais
Navin Tailor 1
Yes Mark, you are right. My comment was mid posted. This was in regards to KLM flights halting & making it mandatory for all travelers & crews to take PCR test etc.
Tyler Cippen 0
Navin Tailor -1
It’s correct decision in order to check spread of corona virus.
Mark Jenkins 3
Either you have mis-posted this comment, or I am desperately interested in your logic. In what way does deploying satellites from a rocket launched from an airplane check the spread of corona virus?
Bill Butler 1
He means "check on" the spread....


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