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Having One Pilot in the Cockpit Is a Terrible Idea

It took just 23 seconds for Qantas Airways Ltd. Flight QF72 to drop 690 feet, throwing passengers into the ceiling midway through its journey from Singapore to Perth. Within five seconds, the Airbus A330 experienced forces equal to negative 0.8-times gravity switching to 1.56G, which must have felt first like the drop of a roller coaster followed by an acceleration faster than a sportscar. It was a harrowing experience that left more than 100 injured. ( Daha Fazlası...

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coinflyer 3
They obviously left out the decimal point: 2.3 seconds.
sparkie624 2
Good cat and you are exactly correct!
bbabis 2
It's coming no matter what all us "real pilots" think. As an ATP pilot I'll admit that the great majority of accidents today auto, air, ship, or rail are directly because humans screw up. Most of the examples cited in this article support no pilots rather than multiple pilots. You can play one-offs until an infinite number of pilots would still crash but the bottom line will always come down to pilots (humans), no matter the number cause accidents. Just as today, "Accidents" will always happen and make the system better in the long run but autonomous flight with a single final human input is the future. For me, I'll fly personally until I can't anymore and then never fly again.
jptq63 1
Now granted, not everyone is suited for every job, etc… but the costs REALLY need to be considered by the airlines, as unlike most of the other job positions they typically hire, the cost and time to get the education AND experience for pilots is making it not realistic (even at their fight school….) for a person to actually become a pilot. I tried breaking down some cost, etc. below. Feel free to make your own estimates, considerations, and perspective(s). It really has made me sad to just write this….

Recently talked with my doctor (well check) about what it cost to complete med school education (currently mid-30s) with doc indicating ~ $150k (US) and saying it is getting closer to $200k now. I was trying to find the cost of United Airlines program (did not find it quick search) but did find this from a relatively large flight training school: --- How Much Does it Cost to Become a Pilot? It costs $83,995 to become a pilot when starting with no previous experience or $65,995 when starting with a private pilot certificate. Both prices include the flight training and certification necessary to become a commercial pilot with flight instructor certificates. --- with it, from what I could tell (again, did not dig too much deeper), implying this would be the MINIMUM COST IF it only took the required hours per the book; i.e. this is not the TYPICAL or AVERAGE COST. Last I checked, (and yes, please adjust estimate to your own numbers), a more typical person requires about 15% - 25% more time / hours (i.e. 50 -60 hours for PPL vs. 35 (Part 141) or 40 hours (Part 61) typical person) over the minimum time. I.e. so for round numbers to the ~ $80k add $20k to get $100k cost, before a person can now earn a paycheck (what $20 - $30 per hour CFI job @ 20 – 30 hours per week  $900 per week if lucky) that is not too much more than min wage is a few places in the USA now (varies by State / city). In addition, this cost from the flight school implies only a SEL rating; no type rating for aircraft that one can get a better (?) paycheck and still the need to get ~ 1,000+ (or much more) flying time before even being able to take the ATPL for the “Airline” jobs….
jbermo 1
. . . yet there is little doubt that our aviation industry is trending towards more and more automation. Such a trend is going in the wrong direction for those advocating human control . . . Something's gotta give.
Greg Daley 1
The commercial airline industry has long skated on the scarcely hidden subsidy of military pilot training. As their needs for manned aircraft decrease the industry will have to bear those costs or we will be transported by drones. The thought of that is enough to keep me on the ground. For all the cheerleaders for automation, rebooting my laptop today to fix its’ being “stuck” in power saving screen brightness despite being plugged in reminded how how far the technology needs to progress before widespread autonomous vehicles are a reality.


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