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Wreckage from TWA Flight 800 to be destroyed 25 years after crash

For nearly 20 years, a haunting relic of one of the worst aviation disasters in U.S. history has been tucked away in a cavernous warehouse in Northern Virginia. The jetliner was decommissioned this month and will be destroyed by the end of the year. The crash left 230 people dead. ( More...

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Neil Ward 7
The jetliner was decommissioned this month and will be destroyed by the end of the year. The crash left 230 people dead.

I dont understand this statement. Decommissioning is taking something out service, which previously had been operational.
Alain Duncan 7
The article said it was used for training purposes. My guess is that "decommissioned" meant that it was taken out of service in the context of this role.
James Simms 1
Guessing the wreckage was used to train bomb investigation training personnel
guess you guessed wrong
RECOR10 12
Oh, so now in the current US you want the media to use proper English? Hell, that is the least of our concerns with the current media ;-)
So, the re-assembled wreck of the 747 (painstakingly reassembled from bits scavenged from the floor of the Atlantic off Long Island) has served its purpose for investigation and can be disposed of. Seems reasonable. The French are still holding bits of the 2000 F-WTSC Concorde airframe in a hangar in France - 21 years on. At some point, investigations close - and, sadly, new investigations open which will need storage space.
srobak 5
it should be kept on display somewhere.
jbermo 10
After TWA 800, when as a B-747 Flight Engineer, I would always warn the pilots to put their fingers in their ears whenever I would activate the center tank sump pump.
Haven Rich 1
I wish my friend Emil Kissel, PanAm 747 FE at career end, were still around so I could have the story explained!
Robert Lewis 2
To all the conspiracy "nuts" out there, I'm glad you have time for all you do in regard to your conspiracy theories. Continue on. Maybe some day you'll come up with something. I don't have time for it all.

I do have a specific question: Why is the fuel tank explanation so disagreeable to so many people? I am pretty familiar with the fuel tank explosion of an Illinois Air National Guard KC-135 aircraft near Wonder Lake, IL. The explosion blew off the tail of the aircraft and all souls were lost, including some in my Air Force Reserve unit right next door to the Guard unit. IIRC, the conclusion of the investigation was the explosion happened when a radio was keyed creating a spark in some wiring "proving that electrical sparks and fuel don't mix very well.
bobinson66 4
Belief in the missile theory depends on ignorance of how forensic investigations of downed aircraft work. A missile probably wasn't mentioned as a cause in the final report because there was no evidence to support a missile. Missiles leave loads of evidence. AA missiles don't just get close to aircraft and blow up, they release projectiles and shrapnel to shred the target. Investigators didn't see any of that. Nor did they see any evidence of any traces of explosives from the missile. Missiles don't use jet fuel in their their explosive package because it's heavy and burns too slowly. Investigators would have found the high explosive traces from the missile but there wasn't any.
chugheset 0
You clearly don't understand how conspiracy theories work. The investigators could say a giant marshmallow brought the plane down and provide lots of manufactured "evidence" to support that view. However in the absence of anyone outside of the government able to independently verify it, the report is valueless. This is the issue right now with election fraud. Those in power have said they investigated it and there was no fraud. However if the people doing the investigation are the ones trying to hide something...well do you get the point?
Dr Evil 2
Don't try to compare flight 800 to election "fraud". Apples and oranges. In the election case here's the FACTS: it was investigated by Trump's own Justice Dept and his Attorney General Bill Barr said there was no fraud. It was also thrown out of 80 or so courts as baseless including by several judges appointed by Trump and findings of no fraud were also made by Republican election officials in Michigan, Georgia and Arizona just for starters. Of course the completely incompetent, totally unqualified, politically motivated "Cyber Ninjas" were hired by the Republican Arizona State Senate and are funded anonymously, expressly for the purpose of manufacturing fraud because they want to change the outcome. That's what you call a conspiracy.

If TWA and/or Boeing had done this investigation and agreed with the fuel tank findings that might be credible, but they didn't. I do not know whether the NTSB findings were accurate or not. I do know, and you'll notice I cite FACTS rather than just my tainted opinion, that there was unprecedented interference by the FBI into the NTSB investigation right out of the gate, something that had NEVER happened before. And can you name another civilian air disaster where the CIA produced an animation video to try and convince the audience of the findings?

I also know that among those questioning the findings and demanding a re-opening of the investigation were not quacks and conspiracy theorists, but highly qualified, credible people, including an NTSB senior investigator and a retired United Airlines pilot who was the ALPA appointee to a safety committee. These are not exactly Cyber Ninjas.

Were any significant 747 AD's issued as a result of the NTSB findings? I didn't think so.
Air Force One, and its glorious center fuel tank has flown five Presidents since the TWA 800 disaster in 1996. Despite the extensive and many classified modifications Air Force One has undergone, from a structural and engineering standpoint it's still the same aircraft that operated as TWA 800, center tank and all.

So while you and I may both have been persuaded that there was a possible conspiracy to cover up the 'real' cause of TWA 800's demise, and the operative words here are "may" and "possible", any questions we might have derive from a completely different analysis. Yours from an unproven conviction that that's just the way our government works, and mine from the factual evidence I have seen, some of which I have cited above for your reading enjoyment.
ImperialEagle 2
The word "conspiracy" exists for a reason.
Not everybody drinks the Kool-Aid and no, apparently, not everybody died with Jim Jones.

The Government mind-set is that people tend to forget quickly. They are right. After enough time has passed, nobody cares anymore. Manipulation of the masses is easy and effective.
Ken Riehl 2
Very likely JP-4 was involved there.
I still have a problem with JetA just opposed to catching fire…
Peter Fuller 5
Wouldn’t have to be an instantaneous bang-boom explosion. JetA vapor, mixed with air in the right proportions, would when ignited burn furiously enough to pressurize a mostly empty tank beyond the capacity of vents to relieve the pressure. So, the overpressure bursts the tank, takes out critical airframe structure, and the airplane comes apart. That explanation for the TWA800 accident, as the NTSB concluded, works for me.
Edward Bardes 2
In 1992, there was a gasoline pipe leak in Guadalajara that led to a series of explosions in the sewers. Flammable liquids don't need to be explosive by nature to cause explosions.
Fran Turner 1
Your comment reminded me of a disastrous explosion in Bellingham, WA some years ago. While I’ve forgotten many of the details, I know at least two children - fishing buddies - were killed in this devastating event. God bless their families still.
chugheset 1
Perhaps before they dispose of the remains, let some of the "nut-jobs" have a chance to investigate it. That might put any suspicions to rest. Same should have been done with the debris from the World Trade Center. Was it really necessary to dispose of it that quickly. It's like they WANT to generate conspiracy theories.
I am glad you guy's trust your government and the politicians. After all what we learned from the last presidency is that the leadership like the president always tells the truth with the exception of the 30 000+ times he lied you his people and yes covid did go away last spring when the weather got better, just like your trusted leader said.
One problem is that stupid people are always dead sure and intelligent people always live with a doubt. I am glad so many here is the exception to that rule or….
Plenty of people saw the missile. I guess I'm a nut-job, too.
Some say the missile was intended for an El Al flight, that switched take off slots with TWA at the last moment.

I for one will never believe the 'empty gas tank' theory.
Your guess about being a nut job is correct
Adam Pastor 5
I had a chance to study the wreck with the investigators. All of the witnesses who "saw a missile" said they heard the explosion, then looked up, then "saw a missile." Kinda backwards.
Edward Bardes 5
There have been many other cases where witness accounts didn't match up with the physical evidence.
Greg S 0
B-b-ut muh missile!
sparkie624 -9
I guess they want to destroy the Evidence...
Roy Hunte 5
They already found the problem, so what's the use of keeping the wreckage.
paul gilpin 1
an analogy would be keeping the evidence from a murder trial, pre-DNA testing technology, for over 25 years after the guy was wrongly convicted.

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Sadly, I suspect your wing isn't the only thing that's bent.
bentwing..respectfuly sir...i m not sure what the point is you are making,other than to show your political leanings! i met a gentleman a few years afterward, who lost both his wife and two young daughters on that flight..he was not open to discuss the incident as you can imagine,but he had already been interviewed excessively regarding his loss and what he are free to think whatever you like,whether you believer the "missle theory", or the one put out by the investigators regarding the fuel tank explosion,and although the "total reconstruction of the aircraft from pieces is to be destroyed,rest assured there will be pieces kept intact for further study and historical purposes..
RECOR10 -1
Sure, but, was he PAID to keep his mouth shut? I, for one will never trust our Govt (or any other). Would not be dissimilar to THIS VERY SITE showing MH370 going into China one day and into the drink the next.
jeff slack -5
Too right.
Kevin Keswick -7
I can't think of any reasonable explanation why evidence of a possible crime scene involving the mass murder of 100's would be destroyed just a mere 25 years after the "incident". Has there been an outcry from families of the survivors? (I can't read the WP behind the paywall). I know if I lost a loved on on TWA Flight 800 I would not stand for this.
Greg S 9
Every airplane crash, train crash, bridge collapse, building collapse, indeed every major disaster, is, to some conspiracy nut, evidence of a mass murder.

The fact that conspiracy nuts believe things is not and should not be taken into consideration by families or officials.
chugheset -3
Not true. Only those where a number of credible witnesses saw a missile plume...
Edward Bardes 6
Contrails from distant planes can look like missile plumes, especially late in the evening or early in the morning. If those planes are flying towards the observer, then they can appear to be flying vertically, even though they’re flying horizontally.


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