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Russian SU-34 Crashes Into Appartment Block

At least 13 people have now died after a Russian fighter-bomber plane crashed into an apartment block in the southern Russian town of Yeysk, officials say. ( More...

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EMK69 2
Politics aside, 3 young children died along with other adults. They were still human beings no matter the country or origin. Spending 28 years in the Corps and many, many deployments I always came home thanking the good lord for me being born in the US and not some of the shit holes I had to be deployed in.
JW Wilson 1
Thank you Sir. Semper Fi. It is not the people of the world's countries that are the problem, it is the governments of the world's countries that are the problem. I wish the American youth of today cherished freedom as much as the people in the rest of the world who have never had it.
sparkie624 0
Making the UK's job much easier when Russians crash their planes on their own Turf!


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