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Terrifying video shows Air Canada flight narrowly avoid crash landing in Toronto

Passengers on an Air Canada flight from Tokyo to Toronto got the scare of a lifetime on Monday when their plane touched down in strong winds and na... ( More...

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It was a hard landing, but far from being a crash landing.
dee9bee 31
A bit of "click-baiting" going on here in the article title. Was it a hard landing? Probably. "Terrifying" ? Probably not.
Aren’t all landings terrifying?
bdarnell 9
Only the ones you don’t walk away from.
2sheds 4
If landing a plane terrifies you then you probably need to choose another profession other than as a pilot and/or not ride as a passenger. I am very often truly terrified by the hair-raising displays of some drivers I see going and coming from the airport and I haven't found alternatives to that transportation problem.
21voyageur 3
Agree 100%. This site is prone to that.
James Simms 2
Terrifying is hitting an air pocket on a flight two weeks after 9/11. Thinking the worst, we dropped 50-100 or so feet but felt much more.
dodger4 1
Yes, agreed. While a tail strike is worthy of comment, it was a long way from "terrifying" or "crash landing". Smarten up & mature a bit.
1mooneymite 5
The aircraft looks relatively stable until getting close to the ground where wind shifts due to ground obstructions (hangars, etc.) can and do take place. Pilots are well familiar with this phenomenon which sometimes requires a go-around.
WD Rseven 5
The usual hysterical headlines from the hysterical media.
crawleyjoel 2
It’s blog. Media in only the broadest sense.
Steven Talbott 8
Far from terrifying for those who understand what happened. The pilot still had options even beyond the landing that they are trained to handle. From that position he could have done a TOGA and pulled back into the air with the thrust he had and gone around. Instead he did a good job of landing given the conditions of the wing catching an unexpected lift. Yes it may have been a bit rough but far from narrowly avoiding a crash.

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James Simms 6
bdarnell 4
Well said. Particularly the last sentence.
Alan Hewat 4
Well it looked terrifying to me, with one wing almost touching the ground. The report praised the quick reaction of the pilot, and the plane was actually withdrawn from service for a full inspection. I can't see why the poster should be violently abused for a link to a quite dispassionate story about a quite scary incident.
Tim Dyck 1
While I think the post went a bit too far in being offensive there was no violence involved.
One of those landings after which the flight crew doesn’t greet the departing passengers.
Tim Dyck 3
Why not? The pilots got the plane on the ground with no injuries and if I had been on the flight I would have thanked them.
John Brooks 2
Looked like a normal crosswind landing to me. Pilots are trained to handle such winds like that.
In aviation, almost does not count. I have had many "all Mosts" and I am still here. I have learned from every one of them and never had the same again.
Colin Randall 2
A sudden and powerful cross-wind is every pilots worst nightmare when very close to landing

Kudos to the Air Canada flight deck crew
Bab Bezat 2
As a passenger I think I might have been "terrified", or at least frightened. But I hate landings anyway. so... But having had a father who was an aeronautical reliability engineer I might get more worried than most passengers! All that said - one has to have a great deal of faith in the knowledge and experience of the pilots!
Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing!
John Graham 2
Terrifying? No. All in a days work for the pilots
SkyAware123 1
strong winds? Seems more like the pilot goofed.
dmarloweshawca 1
The video didn't look they were crabbing that much. However its possible a gust got under a wing. Or at the last second the captain said "I've got control". Only CVR will tell.
M20ExecDriver 1
Another drama king/queen journalism degree holder bee/ess "story".
ThePumpkin 1
Bang On!! Nothing here…move along…
dmarloweshawca 1
AC002 We check you down at 17:20, 21, 22, 23, sliding to a stop at 17:24.

This is why the landing gear is the second most expensive parts on a plane. Good catch at the last seconds by the pilots.
Edward Ivas 1
What ever happened to requesting a runway that the wind favors for safety and not for noise or traffic concerns?
Tim Dyck 3
Noise? I have always said if you don’t like the sound of the aircraft don’t build or buy near the airport.
Tim Dyck 1
I always assume that the pilots are trained to deal with these things. I was recently on a flight that list all hydraulics, the pilots got us on the ground with no incidents but we did have to sit and wait for another plane.
Media should have to pass certified training to be able to report on aviation.
Tail strike
21voyageur 2
Tim Dyck 1
Close. But close only count’s in horse shoes, hand grenade and shit fights.
Silent Bob -6
But did they die?
Tim Dyck 1
No not this time. Maybe next time if that’s what your hoping for…
Silent Bob 2
Haha no. Lot of downvotes, guess there’s not a lot of The Hangover fans here.
Tim Dyck 1
Here I found this…
Tim Dyck 1
No I don’t think many caught the quote.

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matt jensen 17
Good you stay home. One more seat for us
Tim Dyck 1
I am not a fan of Air Canada but their pilots, like all pilots on all airlines, are trained professionals. My complaints are with customer service, or the lack there of and the corporations arrogant attitude towards its customers.
Bob Moseley 0
Re bait switching. Why do I need to sign up for another app to see an article I signed up for in this app?


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