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The Obscure A340-200 and How to Fly On It

The Airbus A340 is arguably one of the most recognizable aircraft in the skies. Its triple-bogey landing gear and four engines give the aircraft family unique characteristics. However, the first A340s entered service at approximately the same time as more fuel-efficient, twin-jet widebody aircraft. As a result, only 380 A340s were built in total. Only 28 of those are A340-200s, and only two of those remain in semi-regular passenger service. ( More...

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James Simms 0
No issues pulling up the article & no problems w/ads
srobak 2
As it is aeroexplorer this statement is false. Ae is an ad-laden, news aggregator which does not generate any original content. It's entire purpose is to generate revenue through clickbaity headlines.
Tim Dyck 1
And yet I have no problems and no ad blocker.
Greg Kusiak 4
It’s why I run an adblocker on my router at home, and use a browser on both mobile and desktop that catches whatever might slip past my router. I hate these aggregators almost as much as I hate the advertisers.


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