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Robotics Firm Confident Amelia Earhart’s Plane Found

A South Carolina marine robotics company seems pretty sure it’s found Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan’s Lockheed Electra in an area not previously searched west of their destination of Howland Island. Earhart and Noonan vanished in 1937 while trying to fly across the Pacific. Late Monday, Deep Sea Vision released side scan sonar images of an object on the ocean floor about the same size and shape of the aircraft. The company had been searching a 5,200-square-mile area for almost three months when… ( More...

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sparkie624 11
Interesting Article... I hope it comes to be a good findings and are able to recover the plane, or atleast get some underwater pics and video!
Maybe they can find Jimmy Hofa next?
lynx318 2
Meh, he got sent to recyclers in China in the boot of a crushed car...(☉‿⚆)
Vaclav Koranda 7
Ok, and now the MH370 please.
sparkie624 1
Tim Dyck 6
Maybe hire this outfit to find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
rob strong 9
Cue the garage-made submersibles to go check it out.
Bayouflier 10
I give them credit. Takes a lotta balls to be "confident"' based on that sonar image.
Chris Muncy 6
Morning Sam! This would be such a HUGE find. I hope it leads to a positive result.
Frank Barrett 3
Con: How many warplanes were shot down in that area during WW II?

Pro: As for the swept-back wing image, the wings could have deformed that way during ditching.
Richard Loven 3
You never know.
Rick D 5
I hope not. The mystery is part of aviation history and not knowing allows for fun speculation and wild conspiracy theories.
True Falcon 3
Aliens. Nope, it's never aliens ... except for when it is !!
Tim Dyck 1
I hate those aliens with all their probing with their clod little hands…
lynx318 3
They gonna come from at least Proxima Centauri 'b' at 4.2light years to play with your keister? :D
lynx318 1
(>ლ) Gawd (chuckles merrily)
John Prukop 0
Oh Boy Ricky D... now comes the "TEL-A-LIE-VISION" screw-crew who desire to perpetuate the "FUN" and "CONSPIRACY THEORIES" of an event with deep importance. Might as well crack open another "BUD-LIGHT" and dream of Disney Pixie Dust. Incredible.
C J 3
sparkie624 3
UGH... Where did that comment come from!
lynx318 4
Someone having a beef with the foil-hatter brigade is all.
bentwing60 5
Go Tighar! Will Amelia come home with Gilligan and will Noonan still be Pickled?
Joseph Biggin 2
This was an expedition by Deep Sea Vision of Charleston, SC.
linbb 0
That outfit has bilked millions out of people with supposed finds with NO results at all. Its been a few years you must be new to this deal or not read much Tighar has been in aviation news for years not in a good way.
Ray Zimmermann 5
Isn't there a story about every five years or so about how they've found Amelia Earhart's plane?
Eugene Ruta 3
There is even a fuzzy picture supposedly showing Earhart and Noonan be held prisoner by Jap guards on a wooden dock
lynx318 3
And the Electra supposedly floating in the background still with the towline to a IJN ship.
sparkie624 2
Haven't been counting.. But I doubt you are far off... Got to keep the story alive so that we see advertisements and they make money as a result of us having to look at stuff that we do not usually want to see and many times ignore!
They crash landed and the Japanese took them and the aircraft as spies. Plenty of Japanese eye witnesses. They were both eventually shot. There’s even a photo of them on the dock and the Electra in tow behind a Japanese frigate. There’s still remnants of the hand carts on the atoll where they recovered the aircraft. The US knew where they were but refused S&R in Japanese territory for diplomatic reasons.
thank you for your version of events. You forgot to add how President Roosevelt snuck out of the White House, broke into a nearby RadioShack, stole a radio, and hired the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor so he could get brownie-points for the next election.....what....stupid comments de-bunking this outstanding theory....just because Roosevelt did not speak Japanese, there was no RadioShack then, and FDR wouldn't have a clue how to operate a de-coder is no reason to doubt these wonderful conspiracy-posters...!
Tim Dyck 3
I’m not one of those conspiracy guys but I liked yours. Thanks for the laugh and have a great day.
lynx318 2
Of course it wasn't Radio Shack .... it was Allied Radio, part of the RS Group of London, bought in 1970 by Tandy. ;)
lynx318 2
Picture link courtesy BBC with highlights
The sonar image looks like an ME-262!
That would be even more exciting.
True Falcon 2
A great circle route from Germany to Howland Island is 15,000 km, crossing very close to the North Pole. Can an ME-262 do that?
Jim Mitchell 2
it could with several thousand fuel bags
Don't go spoiling a good theory with facts.
The Image is actually closer to an F-86 or Mig-15 but I'm sure you can come up with a way to prove they never operated in that part of the world?
Greg S 4
Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.
linbb -3
See you have seen this group grabbing for money looking for this airplane for years. And gee no results suddenly after quite a few years of silence from them here we go again.
Candace Turner 1
WD Rseven 1
Ho hum
Juan Jimenez 1
LOL! People can be so clueless about things like this. Look at the wing sweep of what they found at the bottom of the ocean. That is NOT a Lockheed Electra!
zuluzuluzulu 7
Good observation! But they did run out of fuel and hit the water. Could be the sweep is the result of broken wings. The tail does look promising.
lynx318 3
My thoughts exactly.
sparkie624 2
Keep in mind that a picture that is taken through water is distorted and one from Radar is even more so because of reflections.
Bill Overdue 1
Not only that but the Electra has twin vertical fins, It's a stretch to make that assumption in the image!
sparkie624 2
Yes and No.. Lockheed had 2 Electra Models that I know of. The L-188 (most common/well known) had a single Tail ( ) and the Lockheed Electra 10E (Twin Tail) had 2 ( )
Bill Overdue -1
The 10 E had twin vertical fins. Depending on angle the sonar was taken it appears to be a single center vertical with very swept wings. So keep looking?
lynx318 3
Still doesn't hurt to rover sub identify it, might clear up some other mystery.


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