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More than 500 flights delayed at DIA as high winds batter plains

As high winds stoke up fire dangers across the eastern side of the state Monday morning, they are also causing problems at Denver International Airport. More than 500 flights have been delayed as of 1:30 p.m. — the majority through Southwest Airlines, according to airline tracking site FlightAware. Southwest has 273 delays, or 50% of their traffic through Denver; United Airlines has 118 delays; SkyWest has 48 delays; Frontier has 30 delays; American Airlines has 12 delays; and CommuteAir has 11… ( More...

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dnorthern 4
DEN is proper designation.
paul trubits 1
Time to let it go. Even the TV stations in Denver call it DIA

dnorthern 1
Nope. They are wrong. Lincoln said it best. How many legs would a dog have if we consider the dogs tail a leg? The answer is four.

Using terms incorrectly is simply…Incorrect
sparkie624 1
I guess with all the High Winds... I guess it "Blows" :)


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