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Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-900ER Hits Spirit Airlines Airbus A321neo At Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

An unfortunate incident involved damage to Delta Air Lines and Spirit Airlines aircraft in Cleveland. Both planes have been taken out of service for inspections due to the contact between the two aircraft. The incident caused multi-hour delays to Delta's flights and the cancelation of Spirit's flight. A Boeing 737-900ER operated by Delta Air Lines came in contact with a Spirit Airlines Airbus A321neo at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) on Sunday. The incident caused the… ( More...

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siriusloon 3
No mention of Dementia J Rump's 757 clipping another aircraft in West Palm Beach on Sunday?

dnorthern 1
There are a number of highly qualified folks who can help you navigate through you obsession with Donald. He need not live in your head rent free.
unfortunately,airplanes do not have "rear view or side view" mirrors
,as do automobiles..pilots have to rely on their line of sight,the atc control tower, and their local operations if their is one,as well as the ground service people who guide pushbacks and arrivals at the gate,to know ifthe tarmac area is clear for taxi,or if a particular runway is clear for landing or takeoff..humans can and do make mistakes..
Do you mean 'do seek out knowledgeable people who are really educated AND can help you'?
Bayouflier 1
"...ground incidents involving aircraft have skyrocketed this year." I'm assuming this crack "journalist" from simple flying has some data to back up this assertion.
Once again, another brilliant writing job by a "highly educated" person with the title of "journalist"! Now class, lets go thru this lesson one more time. The term "aircraft" is both singular and plural. One airplane is an "aircraft". Two airplanes is still "aircraft". The phrase: "two airplanes collided" is proper use of the English language. The phrase: "two aircrafts" is NOT proper. In that case class, "two aircraft collided" is the proper way to write the sentence and convey the idea. Now I do realize large amounts of you "journalists" have no clue of what you're writing about and in that case, do seek out knowledgeable people who really are educated who can help you.

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Matt West 18
linbb - In 12+ years on here I have never replied to one of your posts, regardless of how infantile I found them.

That said, you are hardly in a position to call someone a "troll". Methinks the commentator doth protest too much!
Kael61 0
It was Boeing’s fault.


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