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Thai Crown Prince's plane impounded in Germany

BERLIN - A plane being used by Thailand's Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn has been impounded in Germany as part of a long-running battle with the Thai government over payments for a building project in Thailand, officials said Wednesday. ( Daha Fazlası...

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markaz 0
The average rate over the past 20 years was 7.68%. Compounding that annually on $42,000,000.00 leaves the Prince with a tab of $184,480,398.46. I certainly hope that 737's got solid gold throttle and thrust reverser handles and a diamond encrusted tail number.
Dave Boxmeyer 0
With any luck, after January he will be no more than a brief footnote in a history book.
Dennis Davis 0
hey folks, leave obama alone. he doesn't know what he's doing anyways.
China would not have any use for his ilk, they have ways of dealing with a traitor.
Sorry, were we discussing Air Force One?
Stephen Brown 0
That's a good idea about obama.
Dave Boxmeyer 0
When you are the great leader, you don't have to worry about write offs. Just claim whatever you do is in the "national interest" or better yet "security" and we pay the bill. I hear that a big birthday bash is planned. I am sure that we will pay for that also.
carl simons 0
Oh yeah,but Obama thinks that the use of airplanes for business is wasteful,and should not a tax write off.Is he pro-business or what!
Who pays for US 1?
Karla Lickert 0
Absolutely love this thread! Thanks for the Friday laughs.
richard weiss 0
At the rate obama is using up Air Force One, it will have to be scrapped at the end of his term, which I hope is January 2013.
Royski 0
You should see the size of the wheel clamp they used.
Dave Boxmeyer 0
How about China just keeps Obama and we get the plane back. I'm sure they can find something for him to organize.
Terry Haley 0
Wonder when it will be Airforce One, at the rate the USA is going I can't think of a more approiate situation than China holding Airforce One for non-payment. I would love to see the look on Obama's face. WOW he would probaly just write another hot check.
richard weiss 0
The German Government "has vays of dealing mit du"
sparkie624 0
LOL, sell the plane and pay for the building. No Problem. Happens all the time. Borrow, can't or don't pay, Bank takes colladeral and sells it.
Toby Sharp 0
well pay up girl!
mark tufts 0
the crown prince became a ROYAL pain


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