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Broken first officer’s cockpit floodlight socket = $300,000 fine.

The FAA has been busy with proposed penalties for alleged maintenance violations. Two civil penalties were proposed for Delta Air Lines. The first case was for alleged failure to repair a chip on the radome of a Boeing 737. According to the FAA, Delta operated the 737 for 20 flights after an FAA inspector reported the chip damage while conducting a preflight inspection on Feb. 25, 2010. The FAA is proposing a $687,500 penalty. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Robert Cravey 1
most discrepencyies of this nature can be allowed by a flight hour repetitive inspection per the aircraft manufacturers maintenance manual. a specific flight hour repetitive inspection allows the operator time to schedule the aircraft or item in question for overnight maitenance or the next nearest major inspection cycle, which ever comes first. A radome change takes less than one hour, even on a ramp and a light socket takes less than an hour by changing out the overhead panel (depending on where the socket is located).
Most fines are harrassement and/or operator slothfulness taken to the extreme.
btweston 1
I see no problem here. The issue is not whether or not a cockpit floodlight socket was operative. The issue is that the aircraft was operated well over eight hundred times after the discrepancy was noticed with no attempt made to repair it, minor problem though it may have been (all the more reason to just fix it, if you ask me). Ditto for the other incidents mentioned in the article.

These examples are not unlike a hoisted and extended middle finger directed at the idea of diligent maintenance.
Fines probably don't bother them anyway as i'm sure they budget for them. Shut them down for a couple days and inconvience their pax, that would get their attention. But then the government wouldn't make any money. Lol
rdzr1 1
The fines are idiotic. The radome fine comes out to $34,375 per flight while the floodlight fine comes to $339 per flight! That makes sense??? Who dreams up these numbers and how are they anywhere near fair. It's like getting a parking ticket in your car and being told it's $10,000. See how you like that. Where does this money go anyway? Who fines the FAA (or government) when they do soemthing wrong? Just asking to be somewhat realistic with these actions.

Are we just needing campaign money or are these typical fines? Good Lord....
AccessAir 8
I think they are high to deter airlines from being stupid, crazy and careless about ignoring little things that can become big things....


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