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Video: Sailors shoot down Drones with a Machine Gun from an MH-60 Seahawk

An MH-60R from Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 75 and an MH-60S from Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 8 track and shoot down target drones with M240 machine guns in a live fire exercise off the coast of Naval Base Ventura Country Point Mugu during Operation Black Dart. Black Dart is the Department of Defense’s largest live fly, live fire counter unmanned aerial systems exercise held annually to bring service members from all branches of the military and industry leaders together to evaluate… ( Daha Fazlası...

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bbabis 13
Looks fun but not very impressive shooting really. A gentleman in Tennessee recently showed that the proper tool for drone removal is a 12 gauge instead of a couple hundred dollars worth of M240 ammo.
bbabis 3
Manufacturers are catching on.
lynx318 1
I use a Winchester Coohey 30" full choke single shot using BB black ranger cartridges for night feral fox shooting & 150ft would be the accurate limit, after that the pellets start arcing down dramatically, so not much good on a ship.
joel wiley 2
Or a chopper.
joel wiley 5
Looks like a bit more training might be in order. Would have expected a few tracer rounds in the mix for visual feedback.
chalet 4
Twenty thousand Green backs for shooting down a 500 dollar toy, you know why, well the MH60 flies for 10K an hour, add that to the pilots and enlisted men salaries and the hundred or so rounds of ammo
Ray Dahl 3
...the proper tool for drone removal... is an eagle as demonstrated in Australia.
lynx318 1
Or a fishing pole in San Diego.
bettiem 2
Technologically and ballistically that reminded me of World War Two intercepts and shootings of V2 "doodle-bug" flying bombs over England.
Paul Rybak 1
That was the V1 nicknamed Buzzbomb or Doodle Bug. It had a speed of aroun 350 mph. V2 was supersonic and defensible.
Paul Rybak 1
I meant Indefensible!
There was a guy California who took one down by throwing his t-shirt into the blades. Got arrested for vandalism. Charges were dropped.
bbabis 2
That is a very cost effective way but the practical application from a helicopter seems difficult. 8-)
sparkie624 1
Somehow, I was expecting more.. But did look fun to do.
EliteAirInc 1
That was not impressive at all.
Ralph Wigzell 1
Just don't do that over a built-up area!
eddyandy 1
Where are the tracer rounds? Blanks, and a planned ditching.
jim garrity 1
Glad the _____ is working on "Microwave system", to bring these things down safely with out crashing them, from the pilots flying into danger!
Jack Hannen 1
Cast a fishing net over the drone.
lynx318 1
Could use net gun they use on deer in inaccessible mountain country from a helo.
Travis Mauldin 1


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