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PICTURE: IndiGo Takes Delivery of First ATR 72-600

Indian carrier IndiGo has received its first turboprop, an ATR 72-600. ( More...

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saifus 2
Thats a great news for the Indian regional connectivity. This order consissts of 50 ATRs & are said to be quieter than their past models.
Who Makes the ATR ? Does anyone have specs on the72-600 or where I can look them up ?.It looks like quite an aircraft !!
Austin Deppe 1
Austin Deppe 1
That was supposed to be the India flag emoji.
Samuel Bixler 1
Who makes the ATR? ATR does:
Ric Wernicke 0
As I recall Kingfisher Air needed 12 ATR's for every one that could fly. How will IndiGo operate with just one?
Jose Abraham 1
It’s the first one of 50 on order.


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