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Airline Food For Sale. No Plane Ticket Required

Miss international travel? Why not recreate the experience in the comfort of your own home with some airplane food? ( Daha Fazlası...

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bentwing60 2
You mean like a bag or two of peanuts and a coke!
Roger Anderson 3
Not every airline sucks in the meal department
dee9bee 2
You are right. One of my most memorable meals was on a SEA-NRT flight.
dee9bee 2
Now, if you're an aviation geek that misses the postponed airline memorabilia convention this year, this might work! Window shades down in your dining room, small spotlight shining down on your foldable TV dinner tray, Just enough white noise from the home theater system, the occasional but faint smell of 'blue water'...

Ric Wernicke 2
Folks tell me how lucky I am to fly all over the world and how much fun that must be. I tell them they can have fun too. Just put a folding chair a few inches from your garage door and sit there for 11 hours with a handful of peanuts and a half a can of Coke. After a couple of hours a grumpy grandma will bring you a delicious 4 course meal served on soap dishes. After the 11 hours, get up and walk several hundred yards and stand there waiting about 45 minutes for your "luggage."

Now, wasn't that fun?

In the past Pan Am had the best food aloft. Air Canada was not bad either, eh?

Today Singapore and Thai are the best in the air, however, Emirates first class lounge puts everyone to shame on the ground. To be fair, Delta Sky Club in Atlanta does have some tasty morsels for their best passengers.
Robert Spruce 0
Pan Am did have a very good First class meal service, and that upper deck lounge AAH! the good old days!

I remember one flight with QANTAS LHR to MEL where in first class they came by with a trolley and carved the roast beef as you decided whether you would have rare or medium cuts. Thanks to Ken Tubbs the FSD (the Silver Fox!) the inflight service was amazing.

Lufthansa had a 747 with a giant barrel of Lowenbrau in the cabin so passengers could help themselves.

But the best flight I ever had was with Cathay Pacific MEL to LHR via BNE and HKG in 1991 with it's first 747-400 an inaugural flight, Being a Marco Polo club member in First class, they firstly served Louis Roederer Kristal Champagne, vintage of course. Beluga Caviar with all the trimmings, a Coq au Vin to die for accompanied by a 1978 Chateau Latour, to finish, one of the best Creme Brulee's I've ever had and a sumptuous cheese platter to finish! Oh and a Hennessy Bras Arme' cognac to top it off.

It's a shame those days are gone but I was privileged enough to have been there.


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