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Time Capsule: Delta Pilot Finds Letter In Parked Aircraft Written In Early 2020 During The Start Of The Pandemic

Delta Air Lines First Officer Nick Perez was part of a crew tasked with shuttling one of the fleet’s parked Airbus A321s from Victorville to its Minneapolis/St. Paul hub. He was not expecting to find a letter from the previous pilot written 435 days before, just around the time when the pandemic started. ( Daha Fazlası...

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ADXbear 3
Dam. Does every conversation have to be political or conspiracy oriented. Can we stay on track .
Coalora 1
That's not going to happen anymore, unfortunately. The way things are oriented and promoted now is that *every* conversation has to fall within the properly mandated political and ideological boundaries or some people get upset. You have people in this thread spewing vitriol, hate, and (from their perspectives) wishing harm on others because they refuse to play along with an ideological game. With how things are set up now, it's only going to get worse from here, my friend.
I can't imagine writing that note, but man how good it must have felt being the person who found it.
Matt Reardon -4
Yes there was a light at the end of the tunnel but Fauci and the CDC morons had the entire nation turn from a rational focused response and head deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of irrational fear, mass hysteria, and the necromancy of solutions based on sneezing videos, studies using rodents in a box, mannequins, and one-of case reports of dubious generalizability.
jeff slack 1
jeff slack -6
Obviously, you like conspiracy theory and trump ................ neither have a place on a real news site.

Did you get lost going to Breibart or FOX this morning?
dnorthern -1
Wow. You are a true Richard head

Thanks for self identifying
Are you people for real? There are more than 600,000 American dead because of Covid-19. It wasn't a hoax, it wasn't a conspiracy and it was most certainly real. If you don't believe that, visit an ICU where they are treating patients with Covid-19, take off your mask, sit there for 3 hours, then go home and hug everyone in your family. Your country will be better off for it.
Mark Harris -5
The trouble with the "rational focussed response" was that it didn't happen because your ex-president refused to believe there was a pandemic. Had he listened to Dr Fauci and the CDC thousands of lives could have been saved. There's only one moron in this story but common sense prevailed - eventually.

dnorthern 3
Your post is evidence of and stark reminder of stupidity. One that rests on your shoulders
btweston -5
No. You’re in a cult and you’re too dumb to notice.
dnorthern 1
Great response!

Your stupidity is astounding.
What's interesting about this conversation is the irrational and uninformed positions taken by some of the participants. In recent interview of a ER Doc, she said that the Covid patients she's now seeing are exclusively those individuals who are NOT vaccinated. Anyone who would deny the existence or impact of this pandemic is extremely deficient mentally.

This list was once a great place for a sensible discussion of aviation related topics but it has recently turned into political f*** hollering contest. Too bad the list can't moderate and ban the bad actors.
covid 19 is and was was not a "conspiracy theory",nor just scare tactics or rhetoric..ask any medical professional who has worked with covid patients,or tried to save the 600,000 or so that died from became an aviaion topic when so many airlines had to cancel flights, and so many personnel of carriers were facing furloughs or became a political issue because the president (trump) refused to acknowlege it existed at first, and degraded those who wore masks..the fact this letter was found on a delta airlines aircraft being parked, and it was written by a crew member does make it of interest..
Coalora 1
The fact that the other political party was the most vociferous during the early months about not wearing masks, not quarantining, not closing off travel to China, and called Trump an alarmist and a racist for suggesting these measures just got memory-holed out of your head, didn't it? This is your brain on Facebook and CNN.

*Everyone* used this nonsense to their own political end, and if 2020 hadn't been an election year we would be remembering Covid-19 the same as Swine Flu from years past.


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