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Easing restrictions will boost U.S. airlines but business travel still unclear

U.S. airlines will benefit from the Biden administration's decision on Monday to reopen the country to fully-vaccinated air travelers from around the world, experts said, but the outlook for lucrative business travel was less certain. ( Daha Fazlası...

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David Tsai 2
Sigh, remember when FlightAware was for discussing aviation?
Rick Amerson 4
I am astounded at how ignorant people are of the facts. There are more Covid cases now than a year ago and highly vaccinated countries ( e.g. Israel) are as bad or worse than the least vaccinated. This is routinely censored from social media, but you can look up the facts. Look in VAERS data and you will see this vaccine is by far more deadly than all others combined... over 7000 deaths. Next highest is 13 deaths.
Jackson Franco 2
What is your point? 50% of the hospitalized COVID patients in Israel who are vaccinated are over 70 and have serious co- morbidities. The rest are unvaccinated with co-mordbidities. Talk about ignorant, you see what you want to see to fit your narrative. Are you FOR or AGAINST opening up the USA to foreign air travel? Your post did not relate to the subject at hand - it was simply a CNN talking point.
As a VERY firm proponent of our (in the US) First Amendment, and as a Healthcare professional..I loved the shirt with a nice image of a syringe and a gun...the phrase on it was "You take your shot, I will take mine". Perfect!
John Bagi -1
Buber is a know killer & Trump is a hero saving lives
Jackson Franco 3
Wow. If Trump were president and he had announced this, CNN et al would rake him over the coals saying he had acted too fast and was endangering Americans while the TOTALLY IGNORE the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated illegals being distributed around the nation.
Wait, can you please let us know where you work and go to church? We need to 'cancel' you for being all "facty".
mark gerrard 0
Dunno about in the US but in the UK business travel is getting back to normal. Where I work we are getting busier by the day. I've not seen the effect since the UK "traffic light" rules were changed as I've not been working this week
One of my staff is leaving for the UK in the AM....


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