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Canadian Snowbird aircraft 'incident' reported at northern B.C. airport

RCAF says pilot did not sustain physical injuries, investigation underway First responders were called to the North Peace Regional Airport in Fort St. John, B.C., on Tuesday afternoon to respond to what officials are describing as an "aviation incident." In a social media post, the Fort St. John International Air Show said the aircraft went down during takeoff. ( More...

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Maybe it is time for the plane's to be replaced . To many problem's with the old girl's .
The Rx 1
Use our old 18's when we get the new 35's !! LoL
Tim Dyck 0
As if we are ever going to get new jets with the liberals in power…
Kam Bahrami 2
I sent the journalist a suggestion with your words @linbb and some resource info on compressor stalls. Hopefully she follows up with her source to elaborate.
Kam Bahrami 1
Yeah, I had the same thought re: "stalled". Nonetheless, glad no one was injured. I always wonder how much longer they can operate the Tutors for this team. I personally always wished we would transition to the Hawks like the RAF team uses. On the other hand, the Tutor is very distinct.
linbb 5
Stalled on Take Off? Then returned to the field? Doubt it engine might have stalled.


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