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Iranian Military Jets Fire On U.S. Drone Aircraft Over Persian Gulf

The Pentagon has confirmed a report that two Iranian SU-25 military jets fired on a U.S. drone aircraft while flying over the Persian Gulf last week. The incident happened on Nov 3. According to the Pentagon, the Iranian military jets fired continuously ... (www.thefloridanewsjournal.com) Daha Fazlası...

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LancairESP 2
Some of our drones carry more than cameras. Would have been a hoot if the drone had returned fire with a missile!
Don Thomson 1
And they didn't hit a thing. Back to the range you guys....
Jeremy Kudlick 1
Their first problem was that they fired continuously and probably ran out of ammunition in less than 30 seconds.

The second is that they are firing at a moving target from a moving platform with no way of being able to account for wind (and probably not accounting for gravity).

The third is that they fired at an aircraft in international airspace. I'm not sure why the US isn't considering it an act of war, since it is.
preacher1 3
He wouldn't want to offend anybody over that way.
Ricky Scott 3
Dont worry the applogist in cheif will be jonny on the spot.
amado leon 1
that su25 is like aa10 .but it is a p.o.s.
Tim Lamborn 1
They'd probably have better luck hitting it on a camel with a slingshot.

amado leon 1
that aircraft is like a a10 .but it is a p.o.s.


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