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The damaged Air France A380 finally to leave Goose Bay

The Air France Airbus A380, which had diverted to Goose Bay in late September after a power failure, returned to Paris-Charles de Gaulle on Wednesday evening, December 6. (airlinerwatch.com) Daha Fazlası...

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Bill Harris 4
Ummm, "power failure"?

SmokedChops 4
Power failure = circuit breaker tripping. FUBAR = uncontained rotating fan failure.
jbqwik 1
I agree the author's writing was ambiguous. When we think of power we typically think of electrical, even though the term "power" refers to a measurement.
Engine failure, OTOH, brings to mind broken parts.
when QF32 had its uncontained RR engine failure the fleet was initially grounded.
Hope another GP7200 does not fail before the cause is known.
I wonder how much it was to park that beast for two months?
Tim Lamborn 1
Plus lost revenue sitting idle for that long. Cha-ching
Possibly covered by a manufacturer's warranty or hull insurance. If there is a construction defect with the engine, the manufacture and their suppliers may be liable for consequential damages such as airport parking and net loss of income.
David Grimm 1
Just a small note but the tail number in the text has two letters reversed.
F-HPJE is visible in the picture.
You could call it a " power failure " by stretching things a little. After all, the generator on that engine did fail when the whole engine blew itself apart.
joel wiley 1
You can also say that any human death can be attributed to 'heart failure' irrespective of what stopped the heart.
rapidwolve 1
So they did decide to power up that engine instead of "windmilling" it...good as that meant a not so difficult return back to France.
indy2001 1
They replaced the damaged engine and sent it to the UK for evaluation. Both of these points are in the story.
rapidwolve 2
Yes I know that..original decision was to replace the engine and just have it "windmill" as the wing got slightly damaged..having the replacement engine under power meant they were able to complete the necessary repairs in Goose and damage wasn't as bad as expected.


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