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Plane taxis to Orlando gate _ after alligator crosses tarmac

Most times it’s bad weather or bird strikes that delay flights. This time it was an alligator. Anthony Velardi says his plane had just landed at the Orlando International Airport on Monday when he spotted the large reptile casually lumbering across the tarmac toward a pond. He posted a 10-second video on Facebook. Velardi says the Spirit Airlines flight had to wait about five minutes before it could taxi to the gate. He says an airport truck arrived at the pond to make sure the alligator didn’t… (fox2now.com) Daha Fazlası...

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Peter Maas 8
It might have been a COMFORT creature that broke away from it's master.
But did he have ATC clearance?
sparkie624 1
I doubt it... Didn't look like he had is antenna up.
Kevin Haiduk 0
Looks like you can some good boots or briefcase!
corsair2 1
Boots, please. Already have a nice briefcase.
jagerardi 6
Knowing the FAA, they probably hit the gator with a runway incursion, classes, and suspension of privileges for six months.

Duane Osman 5
Must have been a tail dragger...
I wonder if ATC bid the creature adieu with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ch1UQ47rWKU
Doubt it, since Kennedy Steve retired!
sparkie624 0
They could have always pulled a YouTube Link
He must've missed his flight.
sparkie624 3
I hear it was kind of Stop and Go for a while :)
Bill Fox 4
I wonder if ground radar (ASDE) picked this up ?
joel wiley 2
ADSB transponder of FWC transmitter working?
alan75035 3
Q: How many arms has a alligator got? A: Depends how far he has got with eating his dinner!
ericabb 2
He just wanted to give the people a full Florida experience.
FAwareM 2
"Tarmac" = any area on the grounds of any airport other than that of...oh, heck, I'm a millennial reporter, so the "tarmac" is everywhere and everything in, about, and near an airport, including ramps, taxiways, and runways!
Larry Clark 1
Many years ago (early ' 70's) I was taxiing a Cessna 172 for take off at SYR. Several maintenance trucks were on runway, but when they departed and after run-up, Tower said Cessna November xxxx cleared for take off. Caution - wake turbulence - departing box turtle.
My father was hired in the 30's to kill rabbits on the Indianapolis/Wier Cook/IND runway.


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