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Boeing Mocked Lion Air "Idiots" For Requesting Extra Training For 737 MAX

Lawmakers have finally followed up last week's bombshell release of internal Boeing communications with more extremely damning internal messages exchanged by employees. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Paul Miller 20
Boy, Does Boeing need to clean house though !!!! Even my total faith In that company has been badly dented now ? after all of the things being uncovered..?
But wait , there's more to come .
Roy Corrales 23
I've never imagine that such kind of unprofessional working culture might be present at Boeing. Very much current USA style of mocking about everything and everyone outside their own doors. BTW not good for world business standards.
I wonder where they get this attitude from. All these types of behaviours start from the top - the very top - Look no further
Maybe they inherited and embellished the culture acquired from the take over of McDonald Douglas - who filibustered ( lied ) regarding the issues with the DC10

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ThePumpkin 2
Perfect description of the situation. Attitude from the top down....talking “Washington top down”.
lesoreilly 8
Wow so first they claim that the non US pilots all suck and are not trained as well as the US airlines.....Then you find out that they intentionally talked them out of doing training?? Wow the lawsuits from the Lion Air crash are going to be huge payouts.....
Sounds like the typical "winner takes all' arrogant business culture prevalent in the US. Look at the Trump administration's bullying tactics over the use of Huawei technology in the UK 5G network when the US cannot provide an alternative.
Greg S -2
What circus do you work with?
max mobil 7
He has a point, not a circus.

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Obviously you have no comprehension skills, so let's break this down so even the most mundane of people can understand it while it takes you some time to even reach that level.

1. LNI asks for training for the B38M, despite the experience they have on the B737/B738.

2. Boeing ridicules them for even asking for that training.

3. LNI flies their model because Boeing tells them where to stick their request for training.

4. LNI610 crashes.

Fault goes back to Boeing for laughing at LNI asking for training. LNI just made Boeing look incredibly stupid

If you don't understand that, then, I guess "I don't see the problem as its hard to teach stupid people the correct way to do things."

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Tim Segulin 6
Irrespective of LMI flight crew, the plane nosed in without warning due to failure of a secret flight control system the pilots had deliberately not been told existed, much less trained to use. How could the root cause of the problem not rest with Boeing?
Mike Dryden 1
The bit I can’t work out is that after initially having the plane try to kill them, it appears that after regaining complete control of the aircraft again the crew didn’t think it prudent to go home. Why not?

I’m going to guess fear for their jobs. Yep, corporate Boeing issues look like the root of the issue. However a decision was made to continue a flight that should not have been. That will all get forgotten, leaving another simmering issue that will kill people long after Max (though not the root cause) is fixed.

Plenty of incidents are avoided because someone in the chain made a better decision.

Sadly, it appears the only way this whole sorry mess was going to come to a head was the way it did...

Tim Segulin 0
Yes, the crew should have turned back.


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