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Wizz Air 'pushing sleep-deprived pilots to fly': Ex-captains accuse low-cost airline of putting profits before safety

A former Wizz Air pilot has accused the budget airline of pushing pilots to fly until they can't stay awake in a bid to maximise profits - even though it may risk holidaymakers' safety. The maximum time pilots are legally allowed to fly each year is 900 hours but Wizz Air has been accused of viewing this cap as a target rather than a limit. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, current and former Wizz Air pilots told MailOnline the company encouraged staff to fly extra hours to boost… ( More...

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dkenna 3
Wait, An airline putting profits over safety?! No way! I don’t believe this would ever happen. Never ever. I mean, do a google search for profits over safety and you only get about a few thousand examples of it. That’s nothing!

Back to reality, How is this story news at all? Until the greedy people at the top are held accountable for this type of stuff; it’ll never change.


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