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FAA Releases Audio Of Pilot Suffering Hypoxia At 17,000 Feet

The FAA has released an audio recording of the pilot who suffered hypoxia at 17,000 feet. On May 17th a 70 year old pilot and his wife departed San Bernardino, California for a landing in Colorado Springs, Colorado (COS) in a Cirrus SR22 aircraft (N160A). Enroute the pilot was handed off to Denver Center on frequency 118.57. The controller informed the pilot that there would ( More...

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tedtimmons 0
Kudos to the controller. Well done.
Toby Sharp 0
where can you go to listen to controller's do work with pilots?
Ted Glenn 0
P.J. Gibson 0
It appears to me this Pilot wasn't wearing his mask, or his mask was shut off. His wife's mask appeared to be working. This could have very well ended much worse. Thanks to the Controller and Great Lakes Crew.....They were a Godsend for this couple......
A solid argument for auto pilots.

Merv Thornton 0
Great piece of work by all involved.
tedtimmons 0
In my RV-6, I use a fingertip pulse oximeter to ensure I'm getting the oxygen I need. Sometimes I need to take a couple deep breaths to get the oxygen level back to where it should be.
Great job by DENVER Center!


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