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Cargolux has informed Boeing it will not take delivery of the 747-8F

Cargolux has informed Boeing it will not take delivery of its first 747-8 freighter on Monday as planned, due to a contractual tussle, the airframer confirms. (www.flightglobal.com) Daha Fazlası...

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Troy Raiteri 0
Lord help me I am about to explode! Air India won't accept the 787 now Cargolux doesn't want the -8F now till who knows when?!
preacher1 0
Well, Air India said no money and on airplanes that weren't even in production. This sounds like some kind of issue between Boeing and Cargolux, that 1 or both thought could be worked out at the last minute and apparently was not. What ever it was that was big enough to halt not only a delivery but a product launch was a big deal. It will be interesting to find out what it is.
Ric Wernicke 0
Cargolux told Boeing they expected a full tanks of fuel and they did not order mag wheels, visor, sheepskin seats, granite paint protection, LoJack, or a trailer hitch.
That is shocking! Something coming up this close to delivery is sad. What ever it is it must be seen as a major show-stopper for them to reject a finished aircraft and threaten to lease from "someone else"!
chetanya 0
Air India is in talks to cut down the orders to 17 planes instead. Its a slow process but I am sure Air India will soon work something out.
Toby Sharp 0
KauaiGolfer 0
I think they also tried to stick 'em for floor mats and undercoating.
FlyBoyDC10 0
Does not make sense (cents) to purchase a new jet to haul boxes, especially when it doesn't fly any faster than what's out there. Forget the "fuel" argument. It's all about speed. A 747-200 will do the same job for a lot less up front. Maybe someone at Cargolux finally saw the light, but I doubt it. The Euro and that part of the world is about to implode anyway.
Ric Wernicke 0
I disagree FlyBoy, it is all about the fuel costs. The planes don't last forever so they must be replaced. When was the last 74-2 made? You need new. The cargo boys keep them in the air, so they need new more often. The new 74-8 not only has a fuel advantage, but it holds more, volume and weight. The bottom line is the most important consideration.
SHOW THEM THE CARFAX.... er um, plane fax...
Reef Wreck 0
I suspect that if one were to scratch a bit beneath the surface, this is likely due to Cargolux operational issues...
Robert Gibson` 0
Look for the cause. Is anyone mad at Boeing? Have they failed to follow orders? Is Boeing being spanked by way of India?
Paul Schiesser 0
Hmm, they were the luanch customer right? oh well, let's hope Lufthansa still wants their 10 747-8i's
hardworker7 0
According to the article, Qatar Air has bought a large stake in Cargolux and is a 787 future operator and the sticking point is late-delivery charges. Qatar/Cargolux should leverage those charges w/future orders/options w/Boeing. Problem solved!
James Stewart 0
AL Baker joined Cargolux board the the day before delivery of the 747-8f. He is known for his attention getting antics. In this case he wants a mega discount on his Boeing 787 late delivery for Qatar Airlines which he owns.

I guess if you have more money than god, one can play this game.
patrick legein 0
don't blame the customer, it's unfair and it was to expected that a design almost over 40 years old to be major revamped asked for trouble.


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