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What Alec Baldwin doesn’t know about air travel

Alec Baldwin refused to shut off his cellphone and got kicked off an American Airlines flight last week, and while Baldwin is now playing the incident for laughs on “Saturday Night Live,” it still raises serious questions. The Baldwin brouhaha comes on the heels of a splashy New York Times story about the supposed harmlessness of electronic devices. The gist of public perception — certainly the perception of Mr. Baldwin — fueled and refueled by articles like this, is that the prohibition against… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Joe Daileda 0
If it were you or me, we would be in jail. Nothing like being a stupid celebrity!
Thanks Patrick. It was a terrific article!
Stephen Brown 0
We will just all agree he's an idiot!!
Paul Claxon 0
Throw him off the plane, in flight ! lol
MimosaDrive 0
Great article! I fly every few weeks and it seems like every other flight there's at least one person who the flight attendants have to repeatedly ask to turn off their phones or whatever after the door has been closed and the plane is ready to move. Alec, if you don't like the rules take the bus!
dmanuel 0
I heard a rumor that the plane moved away from the gate to make its pushback time and then held its position for a long period, prompting hime to resume play. Does anyone know if this is bunk or not.
Avi8tor2 0
Patrick, I absolutely agree with you in regards to the Laptop computers, iPods, and PDA's, etc. The only thing that I've noticed in my career flying is that while wearing my Bose headset and maybe any ANR headset for that matter, I can hear an electronic "chatter" coming from either a passengers cell phone and sometimes even from an ATC controller on the ground when he has his mike keyed up. These are normally called "IRDB's" or Intelligent Roaming Data Bases. It's when the cell phone is trying to triangulate it's last known position and for any pertinent updates the parent cell provider may have disseminated. I ALWAYS and I ALWAYS try to "preach" to my pax to at the VERY least, put the darn thing in "Airplane Mode"! I don't know of a cell phone out on the market these days that doesn't have this feature! Great info and article Patrick!
Avi8tor2 0
Guys - Gals, please excuse my poor grammar and spelling tonight......long day! :-\
Patrick Smith 0
This story gives you the lowdown on PEDs. Many people don't realize that the restrictions on laptops during takeoff and landing aren't really about interference at all...

"....As for the restrictions pertaining to computers, iPods, and certain other devices during takeoffs and landings, this has nothing to do with electronic interference.  In theory, a poorly shielded notebook computer can emit harmful energy, but the main reasons laptops need to be put away is to prevent them from becoming high-speed projectiles in the event of an impact or sudden deceleration, and from hampering an evacuation...
Joe Daileda 0
To me, it doesn't matter if or how electronic devices impact aircraft systems. The point is Alex B. was not following the rules. If it were you or me, we would be in jail, and not on SNL. There's nothing like being a stupid celebrity!


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