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Obama Crony-Run LightSquared’s Network Now Shown to Disrupt Plane Safety Gear; How Long Will Media Continue to Ignore?

Every pilot should read this....turns out that the Ground Proximity system also takes a huge hit from the LightSquared proposed system. This is in addition to the previously reported interference with the GPS system. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Could you maybe make this less politically injected? seeing the title of this alone already makes me want to eject it..
rwb2112 0
Doesn't look politically injected, just factual.
canuck44 0
I didn't write this only posted it...that would be entirely inappropriate and probably a "fair use" violation to edit the published title. It contains information and links from a wide range of sources including the NYT and while the GPS stuff had been reported by the Defense department in the past and posted on this blog, the FAA data has not even though it appears to interfere with some critical instrumentation.

Whether the author's view is political or not, the prime message that needs to be taken away is that safety might be compromised if this project is allowed to move forward. On the other hand if you are an investor you can complain any rejection of it is political, racist, bigoted and all the other cliches thrown out to suppress discussion.
Jayden Hakunti 0
I highly agree. I have a problem with posting blog posts as news because it is cluttered with biased opinion and in this case politically charged. Nothing of value here.
Don Imus 0
Hey Jayden, isn't most opinion "biased"? For instance, "nothing of value here". Your opinion. Do you have no biases? I surely do. One of them is redundancy. I don't like it. A bias. Every four years we vote for President. EVERY vote is based on an individual bias. It is called democracy. And I like democracy. I guess that is also a bias. One I hope you share.
Gee,John, you must really be a supporter of the President! Glad to have you on board! Be sure to send in your political contributions to the "Re-elect the President" campaign.
preacher1 0
Gene spanos 0
Hey maybe Randy Babbitt will find a new job [ another pension ] with light squared What a great story about his escaped and then flight the next day.
Did the booze all drain out before he gave the preflight check sir ?
Or there's always openings for those cocaine cowboys at tree top level...
preacher1 0
Now Gene, give the boy a break. He got busted on a Saturday night/Sunday morning and the checkride wasn't til Monday. He had time for it to drain.LOL
99NY 0
Ejected. I'm sure there is something actually worth reading here but the angry-polictial bend on the author-supplied title completely discredits anything linked or quoted.

This isnt a political discussion site. Keep it neutral.
Wingscrubber 0
Wonder if this is being pushed by the same mob who wanted to make the old 121.5 MHz ELTs illegal. Everybody wants a peice of the radio-band real estate.
Daniel Bailey 0
Really? As an engineer & airline pilot I will discount sources that begin their report with a political catchword. Can't we keep the squawk list free of blog posts? Nobody wants to cause interference affecting the safety of flight or navigation, whatever their political affiliation. Even though this blog post contains SOME factual info, it's all couched in political finger pointing language. Let's keep the Squawk List feed with news, not a bunch of politically charged blogs or it will soon end up as a worthless source for aviation news. Eject it!
preacher1 0
Well, Daniel, one would have to agree that it is slanted but the sad part is most of it is true. Had it been anyone else it would have never gotten this far to begin with. Lot's of things in the past have had political influence from both parties but few have ever been this blatant. There is another post on FA(or was) with a good story about this that deserves mention as it is more factual.
Chuck Me 0
Well said Daniel. I'm sick of looking for real information about this and having to wade through blogs and op-eds filled with political BS about this issue.
Daniel Bailey 0
I can only laugh.. Let's post news, like the other article on LightSq, vs blogs.
flynavy001 0
Authorization to use the L Band frequencies were granted to LightSquared' predecessor Mobile Satellite technologies by the FCCin November 2004. I believe that there was a Bush in the Whitehouse at the time.

Obama was not the US Senate at the time as he was elected in Novemebr 2004 and was not sworn in until sometime after the election.

Please verify your history before posting your political "Obama-Hater" rants.
preacher1 0
Brad: between now and election day in 2012, there is going to be no middle ground. This thing has been blatant ever since first coming out. The idea and technology behind lightsquared is sound, but had it been anyone else bringing out the proposal, it would have been shot down by the FCC before it ever got off the ground for the very reasons that are coming to light now, but because of the political influence, it was rammed down everybody's throat and allowed to proceed. There was another proposal that lightsquared tossed out today to move the frequencies around a little, but before it is over, anything that resembles a GPS will have to have a filter put on it and YOU will pay for that out of your own pocket while Falcone puts $ in his. Just Sayin'
Why would you need a filter. The test report indicates that interference only occurs within 100 meters of the transmitting tower. Personally, I can't imagine a plane have a GPS signal problem if they are that close to the tower. At that point, the bigger problem will be where the pilots get a fresh roll of toilet paper.
preacher1 0
Read the post that is up on FA


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