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Incredible Flight Around Freedom Tower

Having one of the most awesome jobs imaginable, this pilot was hired to photograph the Freedom Tower in lower Manhattan from the air. Don't try this at home...the authorities would probably be none too pleased if you did this without permission. ( More...

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meeverett 0
I'm not a New Yorker either, so I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the Freedom Tower is the really shiny one with cranes on top. It's out of frame most of the video, though.
Jeremy Kudlick 0
It's too bad it's out of frame. The flight was for a photographer to take pictures, and he probably shot out the side of the helicopter.

And yes, Freedom Tower is the shiny one with the cranes on top.
preacher1 0
That's kinda what I thought but with it that much out of frame, I was disappointed. I guess if you want to watch the flight instead of a close up look at the tower, it's OK but my personal interest happened to be in the tower today.
Not great for actual views of the tower, true, but when it did bring the tower in frame, the panorama around it was cool to see; definitely not a great video, but it gave some idea of how the new FT fits into the NYC skyline.
preacher1 0
Well, I guess not being a New Yorker, all the buildings looked the same to me, and with him on the move, unless you know exactly what to look for, it is a waste of time watching.
indy2001 0
Hardly a waste of time, especially with so many NYC maps available on the internet. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are also clearly seen in some of the footage. If nothing else, the beautiful blue sky is a reminder of the weather that most of the Eastern half of the US was enjoying on that awful day.

With an apparently fixed camera, the best shots would have been flying directly toward the tower. But I'm sure that would not be the best idea.
preacher1 0
It just depends on what you are after. At 0600 this morning I just had no personal interest in seeing lower Manhatten and based on the title or article prelim, I was looking to see the tower, caring not about the rest. Been there, Seen all that. Just sayin'
This flight was a commercial photo mission flight. The video was taken from the cockpit of a CESSNA, not a helicopter. A head-on shot of the FT was NOT the point of flying here. The video was simply the byproduct of still photos taken by the photographer sitting right-seat. The FT is the building with two cranes on the top of it and is also known as One World Trade. The other building under construction is the shorter building which is also part of the WTC complex. Sorry if you didn't like the video. Feel free to grab your own plane and do it better. ;)
Jeff Carey 0
Great pictures of lower Manhattan.
eagle5719 0
I think a really nice presentation - let all the complainers try to do better with their own airplanes.
chalet 0
Flying over Manhattan specially at low altitudes is always a treat. There was nothing more enjoyable for my old man than taking the New York Airways Vertol helos and fly from EWR, LGA of JFK to the Pan Am heliport. He was not a New Yorker by birth but by choice.
Michael Fuquay 0
A 4 minute video with about 10 seconds of the freedom tower on the far right of acreen. Pathetic.
preacher1 0
Agreed!!!!!!!! Either change the video or change the title. I've seen plenty of Manhattan. My interest today was the tower.
Toby Sharp 0
Not a bad "point" for your turns......mine used to always be some stinky Texas cow pond!!!


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