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On the Horizon, Planes Powered by Plant Fuel

The use of jet fuel from renewable sources is now well demonstrated, but it costs more than double what fuel made from petroleum does, according to airlines, aircraft companies and suppliers. One way to cut the cost may be to tinker with the plants that biofuel is made from. Take jatropha, for example. Lufthansa said last week that it had completed a series of more than 800 flights by an Airbus A321 that shuttled between Hamburg and Frankfurt while burning a 50 percent biofuel mix in one of its… ( Daha Fazlası...

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canuck44 0
This will be popular amongst the envirowhackos, the same ones opposing the Keystone XL pipeline but has some real flaws. The article points out a price differential, but understates it...the US Navy with some political prodding just contracted at $16 per gallon with a producer of biofuel, a taxpayer subsidy for a PC company that will not be available to the airlines.

There will be a squeeze from the other side...not the petroleum industry but the food production side. We have already seen what happened to the price of corn when subsidized for ethanol and secondarily for the price of corn fed beef. There are mutterings about "world hunger" and bumper stickers are appearing that state "Biofuel...promoting world hunger one fill up at a time!"

The end will come when the climate change/warming/cooling vs. CO2 fraud is finally disproven and it becomes another "flat earth" theory, designed to provide control over economic policy and wealth. Until then you will see the airlines wisely paying lip service to the climate followers with an airplane or two on biofuel to keep the politicians at bay.
linbb 0
Bio fuel takes almost as much to produce it as it makes so you are having to double the amount that is planted just to make some to sell is what it amounts to.
Where I worked we did a test of biofuel on transit busses, it worked but cost very much more that diesel, better fuel milage is the best way to go in the long run. Quite a bit of the biofuel plants are used for other things, feed, food and such so using it for fuel drives the price of food up for all.
A silly concept from the get-go. Just use the oil, not this "snake-oil".


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