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A look inside United’s newly configured Boeing 777

Slowly but surely, United is rolling out its popular true lie-flat business and first class seats across its international long haul fleet. (blog.sfgate.com) Daha Fazlası...

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For all the crap that airline food gets, I 80% of the time I have been satisfied with it.
Ev Butler 0
The seating arrangement is not what I would like. There should never be more than one person between the middle seats and the aisle in coach. The 2-4-2 is much safer as there is only one person to crawl over to reach the aisle. To me, this is a safety and convenience issue.

Daniel said it best abut biz but coach is another issue.
Ben Deneweth 0
The other reason they're going to 3-3-3 from 2-5-2 in coach is that they're installing AVOD in coach and one box can only support 3 screens. 2-5-2 would've required 4 boxes per row while 3-3-3 only requires 3.

Also, almost every other carrier operating the 777 has either been delivered or switched to 3-3-3.

If you absolutely need a 2-5-2 777 fix, the 2-class "domestic" 777's used for Hawaii flights will be staying in that configuration for the foreseeable future.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Daniel Baker 0
Sort of. Economy / Economy+ / Business / First. E and E+ are the same cabin with slightly more seat pitch in E+.
outofh2o 0
4 across in BIZ is just awful. Avoid at all costs.
Ben Deneweth 0
Just book early and get on the window side.

Also, I've sat in the seat - it's not really that bad.
Chuck Me 0
Window side 2 is the same as the middle 4 across when it comes to climbing over people to get to the aisle. That's the beauty of the 2 in the middle in biz like Continental planes have. The entire middle section are aisle seats. No climbing or people climbing over you. But Con doesn't have a first section on their 777 so there is a trade off.
99NY 0
The pic of the cabin sans seating is pretty amazing. Really puts into perspective just how wide the cabin actually is.
The feature states that all 767's have been reconfigured. Not so. I flew FRA to IAH on Jan 13 in a 767-400 that Business Class was in the old style. Big let down when the reservation seat selection screen showed the lie flat seat. Imagine the surprise when boarding.
Ben Deneweth 0
All the 3-class PMUA 767-300's have been converted.

Only one PMCO 767-400 currently has the lie-flats and is not sold as having them yet.
Chris Donawho 0
Enjoyed reading the comments people posted on the article. Particularly the few who mentioned how much fecal matter is absorbed by that 1974 fabric on the seats. It is truly ugly. Someone else mentions United having "shitty" service even for "those of us with status"? Hopefully I dont run into this "man of status" on any flight. Forget what gets absorbed in the fabric, I will take a dump in his lap.
Donny Malinoff 0
I completely agree with the 1974 fabric. It baffles me that it's 2012 and airlines such as United use this material, especially in business and first. It makes me cringe every time I board.
stuartsm 0
I took the "of status" comment to mean his frequent flyer status, not his social status. That's the term my FF programs use.
Two weeks ago, I flew LAX-NRT 777-200 and NRT-SIN 747-400. The return flight was 747-400 on both legs. All 4 of these aircraft had this same Business configuration. On the 777 I had an aisle seat (C) of the center section of 4 seats. The flights on the 747s I had window seats. The experience was pretty much the same. Aisle seat had the inner person climbing over me or I had to put the seat back in the upright position. When I had the window seat, it was me climbing over. Neither was an optimal situation.

The really bad part is the seat it self. The way it "breaks" when going down just "cuts" me in all the bad places. Even full down, the seat would not accommodating my 6'4" body. Not much comfort in any position, including full up. The standard recline of the seat in full up was not very comfortable during meal service. I had to lean forward to keep from decorating myself with some very good food.

The entertainment system was better than I ever experienced, even better than what Singapore Airlines had to offer, when I flew them last - about 18 months back.
Melvin Fong 0
Business class 2-4-2 configuration makes for narrow seats. Middle "4" section feels too confining. Making non-aisle passengers climb over extended seats is unforgivable. And don't get me started on the food - disappointing to say the least!
Stephen Dorman 0
Looks just awful. Take a look at the business suites on Etihad! Now that's class.
al dim 0
Very nice plane.Any pics of flight deck?
Daniel Baker 0
It's a shame they're doing 2-4-2 in biz as opposed to 2-2-2 like Continental.


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