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KW10001 3
Wait, so the airplane didn't even leave the gate? Slow day for news, eh?
Jeff Lawson 1
I think it was ASQ5859, from KPWM to KORD, but the flight was cancelled in an unusual way and is not visible here.
Planereality 1
Headline should read: "A flight was cancelled"
Ric Wernicke 1
A short circuit should be protected by a circuit breaker or a fuse. A fault should never rise to anything approaching "smoke." A component like a resistor or capacitor could fail and cause smoke, but they never report that. 757 have a problem with smoke caused by the barrier strip that connects the windshield heater to the wiring harness. The barrier strip itself is not defective, but rather mechanics don't tighten the screws on the lugs tight enough to prevent heating the connection. I like one description after one fire: "At approximately 500 feet MSL on final approach to Runway19L at IAD, the Captain’s windshield cracked. The landing was uneventful." Uneventful? I don't know about the rest of you, but I might have needed my nappy refreshed.

Or, it is possible the person reporting the smoke needed the night off.
sparkie624 1
Ok.. real world check here... I have worked for 2 weeks shy of 28 years to to say "A fault should never rise to anything approaching "smoke." A component like a resistor or capacitor could fail and cause smoke,".... things are going to happen. Things are going to smoke. Circuit Breakers and Fuses are great protection but they are not a protect all. Things will happen that causes smoke. Some Electrical, Some Not. In the case here of the Windshield, they have been major problems affecting EVERY Airline Manufacture has this problem. If there was a straight forward fix, it would be out there. I have seen windows that have come in completely shattered from this kind of fault to where the individual crew member could not see out and the other pilot had to land... They are protected by a fuse. In the case of the 757, it requires a lot of current, 3 Phase AC at 400 Cycle (or HZ). The CB to run it, would not necessarily pop just because of a problem with a terminal block.... Maybe it was contamination on the terminal block? I have specialized in Avionics and Electrical. Where this is not common, it does happen.
Roger Deeringer 1
Did anyone read the news report? Here is the quote "The jet is an Embraer regional jet, produced in Brazil."

Where did the discussion of a 757 come from? Please keep the facts correct.


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