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Google/Lifehacker Challenge: Where on Earth?

Here is a picture I took on a trip a few years ago. Although it seems crazy hard (bordering on impossible), by working just with the information in this picture, can you: 1. Figure out how long the runway is? 2. What's the lat/long for this airport? You'll have to think like a detective to figure this one out. ( More...

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Ricky Scott 1
Someone answered it already but I was mostly there just by Googling the A/C Registration and found a picture identical to it with a different airline.
Ricky Scott 1
Different Aircraft that is :). Still Air Fiji.
Bill Schmiett 1
I just found the link and it took me about 5 minutes to come up with the answer. I used the a/c reg and wikipedia to find out where the airline flew.

I'm not sure I'd ever seen a Trislander before.


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