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Worst Person in the World: Air Cargo Handler Arrested for Stealing From Soldier-Bound Care Packages

A cargo handler wearing a stolen watch was arrested in New York on Wednesday, charged with stealing from care packages on their way to US troops overseas. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Make me feel safer. If they are taking things out that means they can put things in! Does anyone watch these people? Is anyone prescreened? So the Postal Service caught this guy? Where were the TSA and Port Authority.. Oh I forgot TSA only interested in cup cakes and old ladies, Port Authority busy with political fundraising. Sorry.
Ricky Scott 3
What a dirt bag.
USAFcptnShades 3
Send his ass to Guantanamo Bay!
Leo66 5
Draft him in the service only for latrine duty 1960s style: burning buckets of shit.
zennermd 2
I was thinking more along the lines of putting him in a care package and sending him to Iran.
preacher1 3
either one of these would be too good for him.
Joseph Burlas 2
I wouldn't call him the worst person in the world but he's certainly an s-bag. I was deployed in 2004-2005 and so I'm pleased to say that he most likely didn't get away with the finest of items. Probably some extra toothpaste, brute aftershave, some razors. Maybe a cell phone if he really lucked out. It's unfortunate that people like that exist but I'd still place child touchers and murderers as worse people than this. Hope he gets what he deserves, though.
JJ Johnson 2
New York is the epicentre of scum and thieves. Send his sorry butt to Kabul for cargo duty so he has to duck incoming RPG's
99NY 3
Good ol JFK ground service. Good to know the Port Authority and TSA are still doing a fine pre-screening job.
preacher1 2
Glad they caught him. Noted that it was the Postal Inspection service that launched the invesigation and caught up with him. Bad that it was troop care packages but could have been others as well. Real dirtbag.
Ricky Scott 4
There is still tons of stuff going missing from baggage and Airlines really dont want to take responsibility. They really need to clean up the baggage handlers.
Ric Wernicke 1
The Port Authority has to be the worlds worst operator and they work hard to keep the LA World Airports in second place. The problem is the compensation model for the baggage handlers. In the days of rail travel a porter earned minimum wage plus tips that amounted to about $100 a day for a man with hustle. This was a time when average Americans were lucky to earn $75 a week. A man earning that amount of money will protect that job, and theft from rail passengers was almost unknown. Now we pay baggage handlers a pittance and like people the world over that do not get paid by the boss will seek compensation through theft.

Southern California has roughly 40 thousand cops, and theft and corruption does not exist except for a handful of bad apples. Why? We pay them over $100,000 in total compensation, and pension them at $90,000 at age 50! Who would want to lose that?

I can't say baggage handling is worth that much, but certainly more than $350 a week. Perhaps some of those $100K cops could watch them???


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