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Olympic Flame cleared for flight

British Airways has enlisted the services of one of its most experienced pilots and a specially-painted Airbus A319 named "Firefly" to carry the Olympic Flame from Athens International Airport (LGAV) to the Royal Navy Airbase at Culdrose (ECDR) in Cornwall later today. ( Daha Fazlası...

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99NY 3
Update: The Flame has landed:
mtnbiker2005 2
Comment: Special transport of the Olympic fire

Aircraft: Airbus A319-131 (A319)


G-EUPC (cn 1118) Wearing a special livery for the London 2012 Olympic Games, the "Firefly" is the aircraft that will carry the Olympic torch to London. She is depicted here, flaring above runway 21R during her arrival at Athens International Airport.
sparkie624 1
Interesting article... But is there not rulings against open flames in the cabin or cargo bins on board an airliner?
mtnbiker2005 1
Fire warden

Classed as dangerous goods, there is a specific regulation for the carriage of the Olympic flame.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has approved a detailed safety case drawn up by Mr Thomas and BA's Dangerous Goods team.

The flame is in four lanterns which sit in two specially-made metal cradles secured to the chair by a seatbelt and a Velcro strap.

In seat 1C will be the fire warden - a Metropolitan Police officer trained in firefighting - who will monitor the flame for the duration of the 1,500-mile flight.

The flame is allowed to be carried on a plane, subject to Civil Aviation Authority permission, as it is a "symbolic flame".
It travels in a ceremonial lantern, secured in a cradle, fixed to a seat. The flame could burn in the lantern for up to 30 hours.

The flame is classified as a symbolic flame, meaning it can be carried on board an aircraft subject to special authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The Games begin on July 27.

How This BA A319 Will Transport The Olympic Flame?
Paul coyne 1
what a load of rubbish, how sad that this is the most important flight of the Captains life?? and how they had to do a trial run to land on a military runway? they are all made out of concrete and he is the head of training so whats the story there then.....too difficult for British Airways is it? Whats wrong with a visual approach, not too stretching is it? The flame looked like it was in an ols Davey Lamp that was used in the coal mines many years ago, again very sad how all this has been blown out of all proportion. The world is nuts!!
mtnbiker2005 1
You can track it live on this page.
I'm surprised the Captain would regard that flight as the most important of his career!
Photo of the firefly ???


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