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Naked TSA protester protected by Constitution

f you ever want to strip down naked at Portland International Airport, congratulations — there’s now a legal precedent that puts you in the clear. John Brennan, 50, was found not guilty this week over indecent exposure charges filed earlier this year. ( Daha Fazlası...

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richard weiss 12
This guy did what many have thought of doing. I only wish that Victoria Secret Models would join in on the protest.
John Wilson 3
I go thru PDX all the time as a pilot and a regular pax. The TSA guys are great. When I am going thru as a non crew memeber I always have to get pated down for they always want you to go thru the radiation machine which I will not do. The new ruling is great news for me and the wife for we both hate clothes! Just going to wear a shirt next time I go flying..don`t know what the wife will go for.
Will Miller 3
Time for me to give it a go!
blake1023 2
He'll take the "pat down"....
Clive Peterson 2
Hope it spreads to salt lake if what Richard says happens!
John Wilson 0
Long Live America!
Ur Mom 0
What a ludicrous ruling. If the next person who is subject to a "stop and frisk" in NYC decides to just strip down, is that also going to be protected? Being stopped on the street because a cop doesn't like the look of me is a damn sight more galling than TSA screening. At least TSA's work is meant to offer some semblance of safety while utilizing a mode of transportation that has time and again been targeted by terrorism. In fact, the next time the government passes a law we don't like, lets organize a mass stip down on the national mall. Thanks to Thomas Jefferson and the rest of our founding fathers for preserving our right to get naked in public.
richard weiss 2
That part you can't understand is BOTH the stop and search and the group grope at the airport are equally illegal. If the boys in the hood want to strip down in protest, I would back it up(from a respectful distance). We are incrementally becoming a government against the people instead of by the people. We keeping giving an inch, the self appointed prison guards keep taking a mile. What part of that don't you understand?
Ur Mom 1
I wasn't defending what happens at the airport, merely pointing out the marked difference between the two situations, one of which we can be informed about and choose to be subjected to, and one that we could be forced into for doing nothing more than walking to the corner for a cup of coffee. What YOU don't understand is that this difference is meaningful, and my point that this sets a ridiculous precedent regarding what protected "speech" is, still stands.
richard weiss 2
If a person want to put forth grievances against this government, and can do so without harming others, that person has the right to do so. Period.

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richard weiss 2
another a$$HoL3

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Ricky Scott 4
Time for the Moderators to step it up a notch.
richard weiss 3
Michael Fuquay 0
For once FlightAware, thank you for no pictures.


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