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City of Park Ridge refuses to accept the night time take off standards at O'Hare

A community group called CAPP - continues to fight for a fair and balanced night time flight departures. Continued low level cargo flights especially remain under 3,000 Feet AGL. The Fly Quiet State Bill that just passed in the State's Senate remains part of the bridge/gap in seeking a Federal Aviation Home Owner's Fly Quiet Act - Resolution.City Atty Mr. Fred Otto explains their position in his recently submitted letter on their behalf. ( Daha Fazlası...

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I disapprove of your ill considered petition. How about a petition to lift noise bans nationwide in the interest of safety and support of commerce?
Pilotguyr6 4
You move y an airport expect noise, don't move in and make everyone then fit your needs.
Toby Sharp 2
This is like moving next to a local highway, and then complaining about the tire noise......then trying to get the highway move....the only problem here is the people
Steve L 1
It's like moving next to a local highway then the highway becomes a multi lane expressway with higher speeds at night and an entrance ramp built in your back yard. That's what the O'Hare Expansion project is like.
Kris Rawson 1
This disguts me.
Kris Rawson 1
Steve L 0
Airport build out at Chicago O'Hare is occurring now. Buildings and trees are being torn down, roads being moved and the thousands families (who, by the way, were here first) are affected by the constant bombardment of noise and 900 lbs per flight minute of jet fuel now being burned over our homes, schools and parks. New runways being added and runways being expanded to accommodate the big mothers in progress. Kudos to CAPP.
Gene spanos 0
Come live here sir.
You'll change your tune.
Gene Spanos
Lt. Ret.
Mark Heilpern 4
Did you choose to move there, or were you forced to? I would never choose to live near an airport, and if I did choose to live near an airport, I certainly would not have the gall to complain about it sounding like an airport.
linbb 3
Get over it or move as thats progress without it we all suffer. Most of you moved there after the airport was there. What did you expect anyway the airplanes to go away or city parks to replace it??? Am very tired of hearing your type of comments that limit growth of industry or cause them to expend large sums to quiet your noise.


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