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Boeing Delivers United Airlines' First 787 Dreamliner

EVERETT, Wash., Sept. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) and United Airlines announced today the delivery of the airline's first 787 Dreamliner. United is the first airline in North America to take delivery of the 787. ( Daha Fazlası...

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John McDowell 2
I'm kind of disappointed to see they're using the old Continental registration scheme of all numbers.
I always liked registrations with the suffix designating in some way the airline name (ie. N787UA, etc) That way, you could tell the lineage of planes through mergers, such as former Northwest, North Central, and Republic planes now in Delta colors.
Dee Lowry 2
UNITED...make your delivery of the B-787 "Dreamliner" work for you! Make United proud again!
Dale Woodruff 1
Don't you wish you were at the stick?
Great,well done,I know you are the best throughout the world.Go Boeing...
jack kees 1
just watched its arrival at kiah [houston tx.] on our local news here in in houston. looked awesome !
Dee Lowry 1
Scott, the B-757 is not in production anymore. Don't know if certain airlines will fly them on certain routes, sell them, or send them to the "Desert"...who knows!
Dee Lowry 1
Zany...Boeing got the contract! So...soon!
Marcus Pradel 1
annnd, did it get grounded by the latest AD or does it already comply?
I"M proud too help build this 787 for them, Go Boeing.
toolguy105 1
Of the three major Carriers, sorry U S Air your still not in that ranking, American is the only one of the three without a 787 on order. They have 777 on order and it looks like that is going to be it's long haul plane for sometime. I don't understand why they are not interested in the 787. It is much more fuel efficient than the 777 or the 767 and has the range their route structure requires.
Scott Campbell 1
YES !! When will the first dying 757 be put to rest? :)
Its not that they're dying, its that they need a makeover, its the 767s that need to be put to rest I think! Just as long as the 787 is 2-3-2.
Zany4God 1
And I wonder why the USAF chose the 767 as it's refueler replacement...
artie Neivert -1
it's a beautiful airplane wasted on an airline that doesn't deserve it
Sang Le -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

It's official: United is first U.S. airline to own a Dreamliner

For the first time ever, there's a Dreamliner in the fleet of a U.S. airline.

That became official over the weekend, when United Airlines officially took ownership of its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner. United had previously shown off the jet during a public unveiling last month, but the aircraft was officially handed over to the airline until Saturday.


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