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Air New Zealand, Air Canada jets in search mission

SYDNEY: Two commercial passenger jets were diverted by Australian authorities to investigate an emergency beacon signal off the nation's south coast Tuesday, with crews discovering a solo yachtsman adrift. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said it asked an Air Canada Boeing 777 en route from Vancouver to investigate an SOS alarm detected about 270 nautical miles east of Sydney on Tuesday morning. "The plane's captain reported a yacht was at this location," AMSA said. ( More...

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Tom Kearney 2
AC 33
Tom Kearney 1
More detailed article
Tom Kearney 2
“The pilot said, ‘If anyone spots the boat, hit your flight attendant call button’ and somebody did! Somebody with binoculars spotted the boat.”

Everyone on the Air Canada jetliner cheered after they were told the boat was found and a rescue plane was on its way, Mr. Lawrence said.
Quackers 1
A feel good story from an airline Canadians love to hate. Happy to see that they found the boat.
bentwing60 1
The Tasman sea is notorious for boat killing weather and a dismasting will ruin your day for sure. Kudo's for AC. and a feel good aviation story!


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