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  • 30 Agrees to Buy Kayak for $1.8 Billion

Just months after going public, Kayak Software has been snapped up by a rival., a travel company from an earlier Internet age, is buying Kayak, its younger rival, for $40 a share, Kayak announced on Thursday. The cash-and-stock deal values Kayak at about $1.8 billion. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Ricky Scott 4
Well there goes my favorite flight search website up in smoke. Nothing good ever comes from a rival buying out a site.
Ric Wernicke 3
I found Kayak to be a useful tool in the past five years, even with a few well known players missing, like Southwest. Now all traffic will be diverted toward what is most profitable for Priceline. The bias has already shown up with sort order and priceline being a default second opinion. The excellent deals like KUL to BKK for $8 on a Luftansa 747 are gone along with wonderful "hacker fares" that delivered you the same address through a "hidden" city at a fraction of published fares.

It was nice to know ya!
Andy Tyler 1
this doesn't really affect me, since i generally fly on United exclusively or other *A airlines to maintain elite status. But it does suck for casual travelers.

In my experience booking flights though, i've always found the cheapest fares on the airline's own website, excluding the "hidden fares" they dont tell u what the airline is until after you purchase, but even those are no more than 5% cheaper. I flew about 133,000mi in the past year for those wondering how much flying i did.
" elite status" is getting on your private jet. Not much elite about wasting time groveling around a crappy airport. Lol
Andy Tyler 1
when i say elite i mean better service than 99% of the other people that fly :) pre-check helps a ton too
JD345 1
Most of what those sites do just save people the hassle of searching all of the airline sites themselves. I don't think it's that bad to find all of the airlines that serve both your departure and arrival airport and search until you find flights you like but the average traveler isn't an airline dork like me, so maybe some people prefer flying a mystery airline for $20 cheaper.
Well maybe we will get some new Schatner commercials. Lol


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