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Indian Ocean Ditching Survived by All 29 Passengers

An aircraft ditches in the Indian Ocean, but all 29 passengers survive and are rescued. ( Daha Fazlası...

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smoki 2
Shades of "Miracle on the Hudson" starring Captain Chesley Sullenberger and crew though not nearly as dramatic.
Dee Lowry 2
Jeremy..You are so right! Who cares what kind of airplane it was or where they were on Mother Earth...the bottom line is the PIC made the "Ditch" and did a damn good job! I don't care how or where you land....if everybody walks off's a good landing!
Kevin Brown 2
Accident a/c was an Embraer 120

From Wikipedia:

On 27 November 2012 an Inter Iles Air Embraer EMB 120ER Brasilia (registration number D6-HUA) was underway from Moroni to Anjouan (both in Comores Islands) on a charter flight with 25 passengers and 4 crew, when after taking off from Moroni's Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport it lost height, and while attempting to return to the airport, waterlanded 200 meters off the coast, about 5 km north of the airport. Local fishermen rescued everybody on board. There were only minor injuries.[21]
Will Miller 1
Isn't that nearby where the Air France plane crashed into the ocean and they got it all on film and nearly half the people on board died
Phil De Groo 1
I know the place in Moroni but remember so far that it was not an Air france flight that time but an Ethiopian passengers plane short of kerozene after an hijacking by an islamist group.
preacher1 1
I'm a thinkin' you are right.
gerard SERVAT 1
The last one was Yemenia 626 Sanaa-Moroni on 30 june 2009, Airbus A310 in the sea at 18 km from the airport !
Embraer 120, 23 years old Aircraft, was an Air-France Aircraft before. The Aircraft got a C-Check a couple months ago and both engines were overhauled.

Because Comores is a French and Comorian speaking area, if you want more details you need to look for French news and translate the page with Google.

The company who bought the Aircraft is Inter Îles Air.

The PIC and FO both got 5000 hours on type. Only 2 was lighltly injure.

About the other accident that has been mentionned, 159 people died and only a girl of 14 years old was alive.
chalet -4
Another half structured news report. Stop this nonsense.
zowen11 6
It relates to aviation, and is quite a positive story to read after reading about a bunch of fatal crashes, so it is worthy of being posted.
Will Miller 0
I agree with chalet, they don't even tell you what type of plane it was...
Jeremy Kudlick 3
Does it really matter whether the aircraft involved was a Brasilia or a 380? No. What matters is the pilot recognized a problem and saved everyone on board.
preacher1 2
It does not matter but it is kinda strange that Wikipedia could get it all(see post above) and CNN couldn't.
pully6 1
A least this community could piece it together!


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