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Delta Orders 40 Bombardier CRJ900 Jets To Replace Smaller CRJ200s

Delta Air Lines has placed a firm order with Bombardier for 40 CRJ900 regional jets in a move aimed at phasing out its least efficient jets. ( More...

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Mitch6381 2
All for SkyWest and ASA
Mitch6381 1
AKA Express now*
Julian Medina 1
ExpressJet operates more CRJ200s that 900s. The number of 900s may rise.
Julian Medina 1
Mitch6381 1
Yep, because they want to get rid of all 200's
Ben Deneweth 1
Not ALL, there's a lot of markets that don't need the seats of the bigger RJ's. But they want to get down to around 100 50 seaters, most of which will probably be operated by Pinnacle (since the 9E CRJ's are owned by DL and were mostly delivered in the 2000's to NW).
Julian Medina 1
Will be interesting to see if they eventually replace more CRJ200s with Q400s or something similar. From what I recall I remember hearing that RJs were great when they first came out but then fuel went up. Hopefully more airlines start following in Delta's footsteps and replace higher capicity routes with the CRJ900s. I was on a flight back in April I think from PHX to OAK on US Airways operated by SkyWest on a 200. I think a few months later SkyWest stopped operating the route between PHX and OAK. I see why. Haha. Made no sense to fly a 200 between two largish cities and I think the flight was overbooked. Mesa flies the 900 to OAK now from PHX. Makes more sense.
Ben Deneweth 2
These will be operated by regional carriers. It's a common practice for DL to own regional aircraft and then contract regionals to fly them. It's good negotiating leverage because if the regional doesnt offer a good rate DL can take the planes away and give them to someone else.
Julian Medina 2
Yep! Most likely will be operated by SkyWest and maybe some other regional carriers.
gboroflyer 1
Does this mean Delta is planning to operate these CR9s as part of their mainline fleet? (Since Delta is the one doing the ordering, and they no longer have a wholly owned regional airline to give them to.)
Dan Sullivan 1
I wonder this too.. says it's replacing the CRJ200 but mainline fleet has no 200's, only regional carriers
Danish Nelson 1
What happened to airlines going for the New Boeing 737 MAX?
Ben Deneweth 1
DL is still a possibility to order the MAX, but they rarely order an aircraft before its first flight (it's risky to plan your future on an aircraft that doesn't yet exist). The MAX is still years away.

This order was also necessary in order for Bombardier to take back CRJ-200's that DL is looking to rid itself of based on its future fleet plans. They were also likely obtained at a very low price since Bombardier only had ~50-60 frames on the CRJ line backlog and the line faced closure within the next year or 2 without any new orders.
Claude B. 1
That is two HUGE order for Bombardier in a short period of time.

Nov. 28, 2012 Bombardier Scores Largest Order Ever In $7.8 Billion Bizjet Deal With VistaJet

Dec. 6, 2012 Delta Orders 40 Bombardier CRJ900 Jets worth more than $2 billion (U.S.).

Very good for them.
Eriva -1
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Delta orders 40 Bombardier CRJ 900

Delta Air Lines announced Thursday that it had placed a firm order with Bombardier for 40 CRJ900 regional jets in a fleet restructuring move aimed at phasing out its smallest, least efficient jets.
Phil Knox -2
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Bombardier lands big Delta deal!

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines has made a firm order for 40 CRJ900 NextGen planes as well as options for another possible 30 to boost its regional fleet. The deal is worth more than $2 billion (U.S.).
s2v8377 -2
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Delta Continues Domestic Fleet Restructuring With Order for New Two-Class Bombardier Regional Aircraft

"This announcement follows previously announced transactions supporting Delta's domestic fleet optimization plan, including the addition of 88 Boeing 717-200 aircraft to primarily replace 50-seat aircraft, and acquisition of 100 new Boeing 737-900ER jets to replace Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft."


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