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(Jumpers Away) Ground View of impressive Landing

A view from the ground from the previous video from inside the aircraft. ( Daha Fazlası...

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mike truman 10
no wonder everyone jumped out...they must have landed with him before.
Orville1000 3
The Do-28 pilot is Joe Horta, professional acrobatic pilot from Lagos, Portugal, with original Kenyan Air Force paint job. So not some yahoo as the "WTF" Live Leak video caption would presume. I think the video'd flight was in Germany. There's a ground camera along with in-plane for two videos of the same approach.
I bet that when he gets into the airplane, he isn't getting into it; he's putting it on like a glove; he wears it. Concerning the airplane...I don't care how ugly it is as long as it will fly like that.
PVUpilot 3
Very impressive! Ugly airplane though. Kudos to that pilot, flying an airplane like it's built to be flown!
preacher1 1
What kinda plane is that? Looks weird.
joel wiley 1
From HA-ACY:
seems to be flying in Portugal recently.
Dornier Do-28D-2 Turbo Skyservant
Toby Sharp -1
video won't load for me.....i'm gonna guess if its ugly.....its probably a Pilatus
linbb -1
Not much skill there he almsot noses over due to heavy braking if you look close at the nose dipping. Also no matter what you thing PV it was not a good safe aporoach or landing as at any time things could have gone south, the g loading was quite high am betting after having been in an aproach like this with a puke pilot years ago. Never rode with him after that either, C337 RSTOL on a test flight showing off letting down for landing did a roll and almost fell out of it coming right side up thank goodness Lake Sammaash was there instead of trees.
Daniel Baker 2
Great find.

Other post:
Pilotguyr6 2
What a reckless fool!
Jason Feldman 0
agreed. there are old pilots and there are old....... you know!

I know it looks "cool", but its like drag racing on a city street - it shows really bad judgement imho.

he's lucky its in germany and not the US. FAA has no sense of humor.
Dave Shaver 1
The video is very scary from the cockpit. Yet here is the same approach from the ground; IMO, it is way less dangerous than it appears from inside. Crop dusters clearly do much more aggressive flying all day every day. Not that this makes such an approach a good typical method. :)
Robert Gomez 1
Dornier 28
linbb 0
They figured that out below about 11 hours ago.
tim mitchell 0
I wonder how long it'll be before he has a bad day and collapses the gear....all in all nice job.
Perry Lindsay 0
He won't live to be an old pilot. Bold, reckless, and needless risk taking. Just like I did before I realized I wasn't bulletproof.
Bruce Gagne 0
If I owned that airplane or insured it, he wouldn't fly it again. I understand that when tossing out jumpers or dragging gliders up that there's no money to be made in the decent, so everyone tries to get down as quickly as possible, but the approach and landing should get him fired.


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